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Long requested features by the community, and preparatory code for next week's Endless Mode update make up the bulk of this week's content.

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The shmup, roguelite, Gunlocked takes it's big first step toward the end of Early Access this week. Many changes under the hood pave the way for the Endless Mode coming in next week's patch, and a number of commonly requested features by the community make their way into the live game now.

The long delayed price increase has also finally been implemented. Gunlocked will now retail for $4.99 USD (regional pricing applies), and that will be the final retail value. With only 2 content updates left after this, and already way more content than I ever originally planned, It felt like the right time.

Check out the updates below, or see it all on Steam here: Steamcommunity.com

Patch 0.85 TL;DR

  • Easy Mode
  • Mouse Controls
  • Interface Updates
  • Bug Fixes

GL 085 PatchNotes EasyMode 001

New Feature: Easy Mode

  • I've been really happy to watch the stats climb for players that have achieved victory at least once, from the early days at less than 16% to currently over 40% (and with a much larger player base). But it's clear some players just want to have fun and may never have the opportunity to check out all of the zones and content without a little extra help. Easy Mode should fix that. Level faster and higher, and survive much more easily. Even if you don't have a problem in the standard mode, it's a fun way to start your day, and pairs well with the new mouse controls. Speaking of...

GL v85 EasyMode 001

New Feature: Mouse Controls

  • I've been working on these since they were first requested, not long after launch. This is the third iteration of the controls, and the only ones I was comfortable enough with to actually achieve victory in standard mode with. This game was never designed with mouse controls in mind (digital input, 8 directions, high speed gameplay), so these controls will not be ideal, but hopefully they offer more accessibility to a broader group of players. I have a lot of fun with them in easy mode, but im sure people who are more accustomed to mouse controls will be destroying standard mode in no time.

    Just click and hold relative to the ship's position to move.

GL 085 PatchNotes Mouse 001

Interface Updates:

  • Another common community request, upgrade beacons will now trigger a popup menu to tell you what was upgraded and what it did.
  • The deploy menu has been updated with the new easy mode selection, and has made room for the new Endless mode zone Annelus Voice (coming in the next update)
  • The game interface has been updated with a section for "Aftermods." These will be explained in the next update, and do nothing for the moment.
  • The inventory has been updated to accommodate said "Aftermods" with 8 additional upgrade slots.
  • A new custom cursor that is easier to see has been added to help improve the mouse control method
  • The side bar in the mission menu will now have a much more mild and slow flashing effect, so as to be less distracting

GL 085 PatchNotes EasyMode 001

GL 085 PatchNotes Inventory 001

Balance Changes:

  • Mosquito class ships (the ones that charge with the big laser in front), now always drop gems, and can drop more
  • Space Net is down to 40% chance from 50%

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that could mess up the upgrade menu if your controller disconnected while choosing an upgrade
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to select a locked character and play them (but with incorrect upgrades equipped)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a weird interaction between space net and powerups
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Ram's "blowdozer" from visually marking targets
  • Fixed a bug that prevented sound from playing in the options menu
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the tutorial option from showing up if you hadn't already beaten a zone (yikes)
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