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An expansive Endless mode with a brand new upgrade system brings extra replayability and wild new builds to Gunlocked.

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Shmup, roguelite Gunlocked gets a huge update today with a brand new endless mode, a new upgrade system to go along with it, enemy variants, and major balance changes! With only 1 major patch left before 1.0, the finish line for Early Access is just around the corner.

Buy a copy for just $4.99 here: Store.steampowered.com

And if you've been enjoying the game, please leave a review, and share on social media. I'm just 1 dev with 0 budget, and *ahem* endless dreams. I can use all the help I can get!

Patch Notes

TL;DR - This patch adds the long awaited/promised Endless Mode, a new upgrade system for it called "Aftermods", and a ton of balance changes with an eye toward longevity (and to pave the way for all the new stuff coming in the next patch). Expect to reach higher levels across all modes and zones. See more below:

GL v90 EndlessMode 004c
note: from an early version prior to aftermods being enabled


GL Screenshot Endless 002

  • Endless Mode
    - New Zone: Annelus Void
    - New enemies and enemy variants found only in the Annelus Void
    - Fight a different mix of previous zone's enemies each time.
    - Mix-and-Match bosses: The first 3 boss fights in Annelus will be 1 of each from the previous zones. Every 5 minutes after that you'll face a level 3 boss from a previous zone that you didn't most recently fight. Post-launch content could include new bosses for this zone.
    - Music switches after each boss to match the next boss you'll fight. When the new track variations are added, they will be included in the mix as well.
    - Disclaimer: While this mode is endless, it may reach a point on different machines where it begins to chug along. I can currently get to max difficulty at 55-60 fps on a mid-range PC, but results may vary (even on more powerful machines). I will be working to optimize as much code as I can in the leadup to 1.0, but turning down visual effects in the options may help for now if it's a problem.
  • Aftermods
    - Similar to augments, these are one-time upgrades that you can equip.
    - These are only available once you reach max level in Endless Mode.
    - There are 16 to start, and you can equip up to 8 (if you live that long).

GL Screenshot Endless 001

Major Balance Changes

  • Lock On Upgrades can now target overshielded enemies (but still not asteroids)
  • Overshielded enemies are immune to elemental effects (electric stun, burn damage) and still gain +50 health over their unshielded counterparts.
  • Discharger has been reworked
    - Projectiles now fire at the previous max range for all levels
    - Now has a lower base chance, but the chance increases each time it doesn't trigger, and decreases when it does
    - A green bar where cooldowns are shown, displays your current chance out of 100
    - There are now only 4 levels instead of 5
    - At level 4 discharger now gains the bonus 3 burst of projectiles from level 5
  • Symbionic Chargeback bonus now only triggers every 3rd time the discharger does
  • Symbionic Rupture Wave now only triggers every other Gravity Wave. Empowered Rupture Waves trigger on the next Gravity Wave no matter what.
  • Sure Thing now stops working after you reach level 15.
    - Note: with the new experience and leveling changes, It's more useful now for what you want to level first, than ensuring you can eventually level something at all. You can nearly reach max level on everything in Standard on all 3 zones. This may get replaced with something else eventually.[/i]
  • Anti-Matter Engine Augment now functions consistently with recharge timers and kinetic recharge. Instead of temporarily shortening recharge timers, it increases recharge gain speed. This means long recharge timers that didn't fully recharge before its effect ended will now remain close to recharged.
  • Sentry Drone will no longer maintain targets from so far out of their range when moving away. At level 5, the missile speed bonus has been removed, and the firing rate bonus has been reduced from +15% to +10%
  • Junk Drone junk will no longer spawn while a Junk Drone is active. Junk Drones now fire pulses of 2 projectiles instead of 1, but for fewer pulses. Overall Junk drone fires the same amount of projectiles, but gains a slightly smaller bonuses from Replicator.
  • The Final Hive Queen fight difficulty has been significantly toned down. The vulnerability time, vulnerable damage threshhold, and time between attacks has been increased.
  • Hercules class ships (elites that fire a spread of bullets) now drop Gleaming Cubes post-15 minutes
  • Experience needed to level after level 22 has been reduced across all zones and modes
  • After defeating a the first level 3 boss of an Endless Mode game, 3 Gleaming Cube powerups will drop

Bug Fixes

  • Electric damage will now properly trigger on the Sting King's exposed core
  • Collecting multiple powerups at the exact same moment will no longer prevent powerup timers from properly showing up
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent multiple gleaming cubes from triggering at the same time
  • Collecting multiple powerups at a time will no longer appear as if all of the powerups collected are the same, visually (despite still working correctly)
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