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4 new "Symbionic" super upgrades, balance changes, and a physics update for force weapons round out the last patch for Gunlocked before the massive 1.0 launch update on December 6th!

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Gunlocked, the roguelite shmup, is getting its last patch before the 1.0 update, when it exits Early Access on December 6th! Today's update brings 4 more secret, super weapons to discover, called Symbionics, bringing the total to 10! There are also significant balance changes, and a few bug fixes to round things out.

GL v95 Symbionics 001

The 1.0 update on December 6th (did I mention that Gunlocked launches on December 6th?!) will include a huge amount of new content from upgrades to enemies to music and more, and I couldn't have done it without all of you. The early support helped turn this tiny game into something so much bigger than I expected, and I am so grateful.

Pick up a copy here for $4.99, if you haven't yet: Store.steampowered.com

And please leave a review if you've been enjoying the game so far!

Patch notes for v.0.95

GL IDB095 001

New Symbionics: If you're new, Symbionics are made by maxing the level of a weapon and also having the correct utility equipped...it's mentioned vaguely in the tutorial. The names tend to give them away, but i'll leave it up to you to figure out how to unlock them.

  • Zaplicator
  • Lightray
  • Sideloop
  • Sniper Drone

GL IDB095 002


  • Static Surge has been reworked
    - Kinetic charge needed to activate no longer reduces as you level
    - Damage per pulse now increases at levels 3 and 4
    - Damage pulse speed now increases at levels 4 and 5
    - EMP duration reduction at level 4 was slightly reduced
    - When static surge is running out, its blinking effect will appear in front of all other sprites
    - Overall Static Surge is much more lethal at max level when active, but active slightly less often. This should make it much stronger in the regular game, and a ever so slightly weaker in Endless Mode.
  • Scouting Drone has been reworked
    - Now has 1/2/2/3/4 max targets up from 1/1/2/2/2
    - Now grants 20/20/25/30/35 bonus damage down from 25/25/30/50/50 bonus damage
    - Now grants 15/20/20/25/35 bonus loot drop chance up from 10/15/15/25/35
    - Now grants 0/5/10/15/20 chance for rare loot up from 0/5/5/10/15
    - The bonus rare gem values now scale to 5/10/25/50 up from 10/10/10/40
  • Magnetosphere now generates higher value gems
  • Physics for knockback effects have been overhauled. Force builds were way too hard to balance at the previous knockback strength, and should open up more possible synergies in the future.
  • Mega Asteroids can now be knocked back/away by force upgrades again, but at significantly reduced force.

Quality of Life

  • Electric upgrades now have the correct text in the inventory descriptions
  • Static Surge text no longer overlaps synergy/type icons


  • Fixed an issue that would cause small blue squares to (very briefly) appear from some electric effects
  • Fixed an issue that could cause asteroids knocked back by force effects to travel forever upward, stuck in memory, causing slowdown over time
  • Fixed an issue introduced by the gem update that broke the Scouting Drone's secondary effect that generated bonus gems.
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This looks like a great retro game. Thank you for putting this sucker together. Good luck making tons of money.

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