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Well, it is time for an update and this one is a whopper!

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Gundam 1.21 file:



I know before there was some confusion, this time I want you to extract the zipfile

DO NOT INSTALL INTO PROGRAM FILES use c:\games\spring or something else when installing the spring engine.


so here it is the giant 1.21 release. I have addressed as many issues
as I could over the past month and even have some new stuff to show for

*new features*

smoke launcher ability, this provides an area cover which fire into and out of is less accurate partially shielding advances when used well. It is activated by clicking the smoke button, there is roughly a 30 second reload timer. Enemy units are but a radar blip in the smoke and their exact position is difficult to ascertain. Thanks go to Dorne for the suggestion and KDR_11k for the implementation of the new abilities system(which will see more use in the future)

added to:
Rx79, magella, t61 commander tank

Added new ui code:
ui buttons
squared build pics(thanks gnomre)
build pics taking up the proper space(thanks lurker)

known issues fixed:
Repair now will happen at ally conyards
sound issues resolved
some sounds touched up a bit

New units:
Johnny Ridden, gelgoog b-type
Reed Wolf, GMcannon

Touched up models/textures:

Maps included with game:

River valley
Dessert valley
Cooked well

Be sure to check out the map options, map objects such as rocks and trees can change based on that alone. The filesize increase is entirely due to the addition of many community available features. This feature has only just begun and will be expanded on in future versions. I had intended on more maps but time constraints and getting the changes you guys wanted in dictated what my time was to be spent on.

One of the cooler things was the ability to add living units on the maps. So the maps have minovsky jamming generators placed on them already! You can kill them if you want to reduce the particle density but they are already on the battlefield. I will expand on this stuff in future versions as well mostly it was a push to get the ability to have preexisting minov on the maps as this was canonical in many battlefields. *side musing* I really do wonder what kind of cancer/disease prolonged exposure to minov particals could cause?

Features by:
Noize, Agorm, Lathan Stanley, Spiked helmet and myself.

To my fellow Spring engine content devs:
As always this is all a work in progress, some features are still being worked on or were incomplete and thus not added into the release. A lot of work this version has been backend configuration stuff that really needed to be done. There are also some engine functionality issues that I had to kinda hack code around due to time constraints. Much of this work is still ongoing and probably will be done by 1.3, pardon the dust but I do not recommend grabbing code until that version.

Most balance concerns have been addressed and I tried to keep a changelog as I went this time.

1.21 change log(excluding all the stuff I forgot):

100mm machineguns, shotgun, 45mm machinegun, fz machinegun:
removed impact only

35mm machineguns:
removed impact only
accuracy increased by 75%

powered gm machineguns:
removed impact only
increased rate of fire

dom, kampfer, pgm rocket launcher:
tracking removed, aoe halfed

range reduced to 700

res turret
shot speed increased

char gelgoog
amphibious ability removed.

dodai transport
hp reduced from 2000 to 1500

hp increased by 1000

fed machinist
power cost reduced by 10

fed powerplant
footprint size correction

fixed gunperry transport issue with guntanks.

conyards can repair ally units now.

research times increased:
fed t1: 60 -> 100
fed t2: 60 -> 100
fed t3: 60 -> 100
fed gundam: 30 -> 60

zeon t1: 30 -> 60
zeon t2: 60 -> 100
zeon t3: 60 -> 100
zeon t4: 60 -> 100

Rgm sniper
limited to 4 down from 6

zaku sniper
limited to 4 down from 6

t61, vulcan truck
now spawn as mob not squad

hp 800 = +300
damage + 500 vs ! vtol

-500 hp
-rl 450 up from 300

zaku1s now increases squad size
L0: 2+command 150 refined
L2: 3+command 170 refined
L4: 4+command 210 refined

Hanzie - - 208 comments

Thanks for the release!
Keep up the awesome work ^_^

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