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Gundam 1.2 fix release number 2. I am really tired, it is late and I have a long day tomorrow. Enjoy.

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== files ==

Game package:
Gundam 1.2f2

cooked well

Northern Mountains


Fixed more issues with research. - woops

now there are only long walls and short walls. -lurker

Many unit balance changes.

Note worthy ones:
- amphibious but have no underwater weapon
- +1000 hp

High trajectory removed from all units

Reduced hp on the gundams, don't worry they are still monsters.

rocket units have all had their rate of fire decreased by 0.1

t61, toriares, dopp, dodai bomber, jetcorebooster, magella get squad increases as they level up

I am exhausted and a little burned out, going to take a break from gundam for a few days. Pick up work on tower defense and clear my head before I start on the next addition to gundam. Not that I am unhappy but it is important to take a break every now and again.

petron1991 - - 58 comments

how can i open those .sdz files?

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Smoth Author
Smoth - - 1,098 comments

you don't need to, it just goes in the mod folder.

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petron1991 - - 58 comments

oh thanks

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