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Oops. Looks like our artist spent the last seven days doing something wrong. Come bash him in the comments ;)

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It's been nearly a month since the last update and have we been busy.We set out to make a new tileset with more variety to it and that would look less noisy. I (@migrafael) thought it would just be a matter of finding the right style and turning it to a tileset. I did it before so what could go wrong?



What looked good in mockups or in small patches of land on the tile editor (Tiled) looked really crappy in game.


Especially in the bigger shapes, it looked less cohesive. Also, the auto-mapping rules for it where piling up due to my newbness and creating strange artifacts here and there.


Hard edges started to appear because of special corner cases that weren't drawn yet and even though I had two or three different tiles of each, because each tile was so distinct you could clearly see the repeating tiles. Instead of the plain dullness of the previous tile set you have some other strangeness from repeating these singular shapes over and over again.Why did I just went for it instead of doing a smaller, simpler grayscale tileset to test it out? Oh well, never to late I guess....After 7 days it was time to simplify.


Ok, this might seem to simple but that's because it is. I needed to go back to basics. Get the basic tiles and the create the auto-mapping rules from these. Simple. Also I took out the green grass tops from the tiles themselves and placed them in a new decorative layer. This way I have to worry less about all those special corner cases.


So now the rules are working fine like you can see below. All I have to do now get those previous tiles and fit them in this new stylised guide.


Why didn't I do this in the beginning? I though I could just wing it I guess... Big mistake that cost me a week's work. Oh well, live and learn. In the process I became really fluent in Tiled. Maybe I should even do a tutorial or two. Or share the rule files for the auto-mapping why not?

So the big lesson for me was - Never. NEVER, underestimate the value of planing. EVER.Of course if you plan to much you'll stay still, so there's that as well :P In this case I should have been less cocky.


While he waited Afonso decided we could do some entries for the Flappy Jam. The first one is already available here ----> Tio-atum.itch.ioJust a simple take on the game, but with some "better" physics and you have to tap the bird itself :P Also, cute mountains!

Coming Soon

We'll, with so much new stuff we're bound to make a video soon. Or several. As soon as I'm done with this tileset! Until then, check out Bob raking in the holo-coins!


And don't forget to add us wherever you like :D We post the good stuff everywhere!


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KITATUS - - 61 comments

Looks beautiful! Sorry to hear about losing a week in work-time but it's worth it in the long run ;)

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atum_ramirez Author
atum_ramirez - - 123 comments

Thanks! Afonso (programmer) gave me a huge help with the automapping rules and now all is going sweet. :D

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