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Being a great and amazing support, Family has made the game pop up in ranks. So thanks for that! Bigger news indeed.

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Hi there,

For all cases, I have some news I am really happy to share about, and it's great. So, a familiar deep web YouTuber, I asked if he could voice act for the game, and that amazing YouTuber said yes. He is TakeDownMan. If you don't really know, check him out right away.

He's absolutely one of my favorite YouTuber's currently when it comes to the Deep Web. So I have to say again, thank you so much TakeDownMan for actually supporting me in all cases to help.

Either way! Let's get back to the game. The game is at a good rank currently, so let's just say it's going absolutely beautiful. The game has music, the game has an amazing story, the game has spooky aspects, and new things to do. Let's have a bit of fun with this game shall we?

Have any questions? Please ask away!

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