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Graveball alpha release is now available! Sign up at www.graveball.com for the free download!

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Graveball is the work of one-man development studio, Goin' Yumbo Games. It is their first release and they hope to release it on Steam in Summer 2017.

Graveball is a multiplayer sports combat game where teams of 3 goblins compete in a game of graveyard rugby. Points can either be scored by keeping the skull in your opponent's goal for 2 seconds or killing all of the opposing goblins.


When your goblin dies, it is just the beginning! You respawn as a ghost and are able to move swiftly around the map, just be careful! If everyone on your team dies, the other team gets a point!


Graveball makes use of hilarious ragdoll physics, tight controls, and interesting gameplay mechanics to create short, fun-filled, slightly competitive matches! In a world of try-hard gamers and epic hour long MOBA matches, Graveball seeks to stand apart as light-hearted, funny, and genuinely fun to play.

Are you ready to murder some goblins with a shovel? The world's greatest graveyard-themed, goblin-centric combat sports game is available for download! Head over to www.graveball.com and signup to receive a link to the download.


Happy Graveballing!

SpartaCade - - 16 comments

THIS LOOKS AWESOME!!!! GOOD WORK ON THE GAME!!! also I'm a small youtuber by the name of SpartaCade and it would be awesome if I could play this for one of my videos. but even if I don't then still its an awesome looking game

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rdirksen Author
rdirksen - - 14 comments

Feel free to do a video! I only ask that you include a link to www.graveball.com.. If you don't have the alpha yet, you can subscribe at graveball.com and you will receive a download link. Thanks for your interest!

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SpartaCade - - 16 comments

thanks dude I will include the link and I will enjoy this awesome game

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