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Working on audio for Grabbles. Tried a few unity plugins and ultimately settled on MasterAudio mostly because of versatile point-and-click event system.

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If you've seen our latest vines then you know that we've been getting our hands dirty working on sound effects for Grabbles. We've put a good deal of thought into what kind of sound engine to use with Unity to bring it all together and even purchased a few plugins to try them out. In the end we decided to go with the MasterAudio plugin by dark tonic. It is a bit pricey compared to some of the competitors, but it also offers some pretty advanced features, like the event system that allows you to trigger sound effects based on simple events like 'collision' without the need to write any code.

dark tonic

This plugin has been able to handle almost every scenario we could come up with straight out of the box, and for everything else we've had no problem extending the functionality with just a few lines of well placed code. The best part is that once any special functionality or custom events have been coded for, all of the sound effects and background tracks can be added and configured directly in unity without ever touching another line of code. This has let us give our audio guys direct access to our scenes to hear the sound effects they are creating in place and tweak them at will.

This is a much better work flow than our previous system where developers would add the sound effects and the audio guys would stand over their shoulders and grumble.

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