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First update of Civil Caladria: A Mod of a Mod. Uploaded Character file, plan to dress the lords and implement a couple new throwing weapons.

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Just got authorized on Moddb. Uploaded mod .rar last night, but things didn't seem to work out. Will try again tomorrow. Meanwhile, will work on trimming down size, allot of unused .dds files. Also, I plan on implementing two new throwing weapons, a skull crushing book ("Anger Management for Knaves") and throwing meat cleavers, as seen in Gangs of New York. (Bad movie)

*sigh* And I suppose I ought get to dressing the lords. As is, only two of the faction's lords are wearing clothes indoors, and outside, those other three wear all sorts of stuff (no uniformity). And no shoes.

A simply matter of copy and paste in the text file. Still, even if I don't get around to it, I really doubt that a few naked guys running about the battlefield will distract you too much. Indeed, I think your attention had better be focused on dodging bullets (not as easy as in the Matrix).

--Ghoura out

Oh yeah, I uploaded a .rar Character file, it still needs to be authorized, but that should be done pretty quick. As for the file, its a super character. In any other mod, it'd be cheating, but in this one, well, it's called Testuro because I wanted you folks to go about testing with it.

Yes, about that. I need you guys to please pay attention to how the factions lean. On the strategic map, and on the battlefield, I need to know if they're balanced. (Please note, though, that on the battlefield, certain factions have a definite advantage, especially with certain troops against certain enemies.

Something to say about this mod: Getting run over by a horse hurts. A lot.

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