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This article will summarize the updates made to the gold version of this game.

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What's New?

  • Juicy scoreboard added to the game for players to check it out
  • Tutorial voice, audio, and other sound effects added
  • Bizzaro effect in the title scene now shorter and more frequent. Bizzaro in the game now added and has a gradual effect to the game
  • Quit button taken off of title scene
  • Drumroll added during camera lerp to the victory screen
  • Vibrations added for attack cool down
  • Scene transition added and fixed to prevent player spamming
  • Continuous reminder added to the tutorial when players still need to complete the step
  • Sprite layers for crop cooldown, medic and dog fixed
  • Added dirt to where crops will be growing
  • Crops now pop and wobble when hitting the full grown state
  • Teardrops for the losing team in victory scene
  • Crop bars pulsate when the game pace increases
  • Tutorial recommender buttons now have clearer fonts
  • The music sped up when game is almost over
  • Walk animation slower when characters hold more crops

Motivations and Why

Most of the changes for this update are again motivated by the feedback we got from the playtesting session earlier this week. The goal was to fix as many bugs as possible and add as much juice as possible before the final showcase next week. Here are some explanations of our new/fixed features:

  • The scoreboard highlights player achievements in the game; for example, the player that deposited the most crops are given a shoutout. It was added to involve the players more and invite them to play another round.
  • The tutorial was voiced mainly to make it easier for players to absorb the information.
  • Vibrations are added to consoles when the player is allowed to attack once again. These vibrations are added mainly because players seem to have a hard time keeping track of their attack cool down. The vibration also minimizes eye movement to the top of the screen.
  • Quit button was taken off of the title scene because the players will rarely utilize the button, especially for showcase purposes.
  • We left out the attack animation for the final build mainly to make it easier for players to remain stealthy. From previous playtest sessions, the attack animation seemed to have been too much of a penalty itself, especially when players miss.

What's Next?

Next will be our final showcase on Tuesday, April 23rd. However, if there is another iteration, we hope to make the game even juicier and more professional. Remember to stop by our booth and check out our game at the BBB!

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