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This article describes what's new in our game, our motivations for the week, and changes we plan to make on the next iteration

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What's new:

We juiced up many parts of our game including a trail of sparkles following the spear, an eruption of bubbles when the go button is pressed, bandages on the boss crab, a growing mine spawner, shader effects to make a wavy background, and much more parallax. We have also updated the ready up screen with more clouds of varying size, wavier waters, the fifth player sitting with an angry crab, and the ability for players spin their arms with the joysticks when ready. In our later levels, we now have multiple waves of enemies that come out when the previous wave is defeated, and a variety of enemies. In addition to last week's rock crab, we have introduced an electric crab which can stun player when they come too close. Lastly, we updated the blast of the mine to do damage to the surrounding enemies.

Our Motivation:

We wanted to add some more juice to our game to give it a more polished feel before the video game showcase. We felt that bubble guns were not as useful anymore with the mines and spears available so we introduced a new enemy type to balance the weapon usage. The new electric crab can only be destroyed by a mine or the bubble gun (the bubble gun is often more convenient) and will shock players if they swim too close to it. We altered the waves of enemies in later levels to emphasize the electric crabs' impact and ease the difficulty curve.

What's next:

We have finished our game for the semester so we do not plan to continue working on Off the Deep End. But if we did, we would expand to more levels and new environments. We feel good about the game development skills we have acquired throughout building Off the Deep End and are happy to see people enjoying our hard work :)

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