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Post news RSS Going from version 1.0.362 to 1.0.366, new dungeon and controls

Our game evolves faster than we though! Just after a week from release we've added a new dungeon and lot of new features to the game.

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First of all, here goes a 9 minute video showing a gameplay with 3rd person camera:

And now the changelog.

Build 1.0.366

  • fixed green arrow for group members
  • fixed red text for battles having less than 60 seconds to completion
  • fixed green artifact transparency in 2D mode
  • automatically shows station menu when nearby. You can dock with Space or Joystick Start buttons
  • debris models now have correct environment color and random depth
  • game tries to set required resolution and refresh rate and if fails it switches to window mode
  • fixed an error with laggy movement after a lot of rotations (mostly happened in dungeons)
  • fixed black screen upon world entrance
  • lot of fixes in Slums dungeon
  • other fixes and changes

Version 1.0.364-1.0.365

First of all now arrow keys and ASWD behave differently. Arrows move the ship in their direction while ASWD is our usual control theme - acceleration and turns. You can switch the keys in settings. Secondly we're announcing new game mode. Now you can play with 3rd Person camera! You will see the option when starting the game from Steam, or you can choose it in game settings. Finally there is a new Co-op dungeon called The Slums. It's designed for 2-4 players and 15-20 minutes overall gameplay. Note that dungeon is still in development and have some minor issues.

Other changes:

  • Sect dungeon moved to level 4
  • fixed too long station docking process
  • countdown timer changes to red when less than 1 minutes remains
  • displaying map minimum and maximum player count in the list
  • automatic resurrection for players when leaving the battleground
  • better joystick support
  • sound feedback when opening the gate, capturing the artifact, taking the flag
  • lot of misc changes and improvements

Build 1.0.363

  • and even more changes to group enlisting
  • fixed markers pointing at the bases on Arena and Labyrinth maps
  • added marker to exit point at Drones Junkyard map
  • fixed issues with immediate map exit upon entrance
  • fixed issue when game creator could be enlisted for another team
  • added small delay for Breakthrough rocket ability activation
  • more precise rocket movement
  • authentication is now performed in separate threads not affecting the game process
  • added marker for your group members when they are near
  • fixed issue with players being teleported to all black location after death
  • various internal improvements and fixes

Build 1.0.362

  • more changes for group enlist formula
  • map Labyrinth is now available for level 2 players. Asteroid fields moved to level 3 as well
  • Drones Junkyard is now only for 1 player. Loot requirements and mob damages are reduced
  • Dungeon maps now can have a travel buoy allowing fast exit from the dungeon
  • fixed issues with gate activation on different maps
  • fixed issues with descriptions for some maps. Clicking a description now shows battle stats table
  • intermediate cloning stations now have a menu for activation
  • games in active battles list show number of human players without AI bots
  • other changes and improvements
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