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Back in the days of the NES/SNES era.. oh how we miss that feeling of accomplishment when you found that warp whistle in Super Mario Bros. 3. That is something that barely exists today and Goober's World brought that back.

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Goober's World is a mashup of Mario, Sonic, and Megaman in one game. So many things to do and so many ways to beat the game. There is one thing that this little guy has that the new games don't and that's the feeling of accomplishment when you unlock special abilities. It's not about the endless runners or pay to play unlocking, It's when you beat that particular boss to give Goober more things to do which gives the game more replay value. There's many elements to collect like Ice, Earth, Fire, etc.. Then you can use those against your enemies or even unlock secret areas that you couldn't get into before. Having said that, each boss level has a new way of playing the game it has a new twist that you wouldn't expect from a platformer by today's standards. I'm still thinking of when, how, and why does most games today feel like we are left with disappointment from dumb down simplicity. You would think that a new sequel would bring more features into a franchise, but instead we get less than the first game. A good example of this would be the Sonic games, the first Sonic game had some awesome features we never had or saw before. Then Sonic 2 came out and introduced tails and other features that improved the gaming experience. Not too long after that Sonic 3 was released that made the game one of my favorites of all time. Many years later Sonic 4 Episode 1 is introduced and they completely stripped the game with less features than Sonic 1. What were they thinking?! and Why!? Where is the fun? Where is the anticipation of seeing something shiny and new?

With Goober we can take it back to that shiny and new with that retro style. This is something you should get your hopes up for, because this game can change the industry in new ways. Thank you for listening to my rant on modern day gaming. In the mean time go check out Goober's World on Kickstarter and fund this amazing game. Link: Kickstarter.com

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