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So for making the game oriented to entertain the spectators gota will have a unique scoring system, that will allow you to combo between score and score.

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Score system of gota
overview: The gladiators job was not only to kill their opponents also to entertain how they could the spectators with stylish movements and humiliations , and battle cries to their enemies.

The unit of score will be called crown, the mnimum actions , spectacular actions will be from 50 to 250 crowns , such as dodges , and headhits .

The most impressive actions , such as limb dismambrance will take from 250 to 1000 , depending on what limb , and of course other actions souch as kills , and deathblows.

Comboing score actions !

From action to action , you will have 5 seconds to combo each other or you will end up loosing the combo chance , and your score will be solidified.

The actions that get repeated 3 times " to make diversity happend " will stop scoring unless another action wich will get diversity will happend.

So if you cut a head , and then another one in less than 5 seconds , you will recibe 2 score actions notifies
one of head cut 500 of score , and another one of double behade if less than 3 seconds so then your score will be (500 + 750 ) * 2 since this 2 actions were comboed during those 5 seconds.

Notify messages

Using scaleform , (flash) , messages will pop up with the name of the " score action " and at the right site the score will be written , and the last action. and the color of it.
and on the down site middle of the screen some will pop up for impresive actions only .

The next demo will probably include it , depending of the situation of course .

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