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This week we've got a fitting tribute, National Vacrat Day & so many good levels!

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Get ready to be wowed by the Levelhead community! This week we've got a fitting tribute, National Vacrat Day & so many good levels!

As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for later on. OR! Use the fancy Playlist to bookmark all of them at once. HERE WE GO!


Level Jam 2

It is time to challenge yourself to plan, build and submit a level in just 90 MINUTES! Bring your "A" game on Saturday, August 1st from 11:00am - 1:30pm PDT. Prizes include the adorable GR-18 plushie made by our very own moderator Kevin. Full details on the Levelcup Website

Featured Levels:

Event Planner

GR-18, the event planner for National Vacrat Day, has to handle all the preparations for the big festivities in JeanneOskoure's expansive level Explore Vacrat Valley!. Will GR-18 be able to ensure that National Vacrat Day doesn't become a National Vacrat Disaster???

Gentle Nudge

GR-18 dawns the role of the mother bird in Friendzie's cajoling level Gently Boop Rift Blopfush. Sometimes you need a gentle nudge to spread your wings and fly. Other times you need a swift kick in the rump - GIT GOIN' BLOPFUSH! GIT!

Fitting Tribute

MeiDerMon transports you to the Gerudo Valley in his stunning music level GR-18 Does Valley Music! Take a pause and enjoy this fitting tribute to the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.


Take one challenge at a time in RobMac's creative level Crunch Valley Watch-Tower! Bureau of Shipping Robo Neuro Scientists are researching if single-tasking is the secret to higher productivity, lower stress, and more happiness for GR-18. But the real question is... will it bring PROFITS???

Spiky WildFire

Mafc creates a turbo wildfire in the illuminated level O Templo Amaldiçoado 2. What will be the fate of this Cursed Temple & its inhabitants??


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