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We're two brothers making the games we want to make, striving to make an impact on mobile gaming.

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Devlog #12

bscotchshenani Blog

Where's #1-11, you may ask?


We're new to indiedb. We make ridiculous games about ridiculous things, and are currently smack in the middle of our next release for iOS and Android, Quadropus Rampage. It's a platforming action rpg roguelike about a 4 legged octopus (hence quadropus) going on a rampage through the depths of the ocean.

It's a game we conceived of for the 7drl challenge and have since decided is worth its weight in development time. To that end, we've been churning away on it and even held an ALPHA test last Friday with some of our supporters from our previous game, Towelfight 2 : The Monocle of Destiny (as seen on TouchArcade, Kotaku, AndroidHeadlines, IGN, and myriad others).

Today was an excellent, excellent day for refinement. I (I being Sam, in this case) woke up and headed to Seth's place a good 20 minutes away. Once there we went over the feedback from the alpha test over the weekend and found ourselves at the 4' x 6' whiteboard plastered on the wall.

Through a good bout of arguing we realized that our permadeath mechanic for falling from ledges (once you take a peak at this hilarious playthrough vid you'll probably see what we're talking about) was a bit overly harsh and had the problematic tendency to make people swear and then put the game down. What we want to do is make people swear and then pick the game back up. We've now modified falling off the platforms to make you fall to the next depth, penalizing you at the same time by making the impact take 25% of your max health.

We're also in the midst of finalizing two enemies to round out the enemy team of 5 that will be the flagship attack crew when the game launches. The Jellyfish, a highly mobile enemy-healing enemy is already complete (as seen in the media section), and the SUCKFISH, as we've named him, is in the sketch works.

We'll be posting regularly here with updates every Monday, though we also operate on a number of other social channels in the mean time, including twitter and gamasutra, where we've had 2 of our articles featured. Follow us or keep in touch here, as we'll be needing some trustworthy android alpha testers in the days to come!

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We're two brothers making great, ridiculous games for mobile and PC markets. We aim to provide high quality, engaging experiences that leave the player...

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