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When you start your first battle in Myriavora, you'll notice three big spheres hovering a couple of meters above the ground. What's that all about?

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The world of Myriavora is set a million years in the future. Over the aeons humanity has invented unimaginably powerful technologies supported by huge fusion reactors in vast, completely automatized underground facilities. A network of complex AIs dutifully runs and maintains these systems century after century, millennium after millennium, without any human intervention.

All of this is long forgotten by now. But at seemingly random places, scattered across the world, you can still find so called camps, and in the center of each camp are three big spheres, known as generators.

the generators in myriavora

Generators can provide food and shelter, clothing and medical services. In case of a spider attack they provide weapon systems that people can control with their attack implants, and this is the situation you find yourself in when starting a battle.

Now, each of the generators has a specific task:

  • The power generator recharges your attack implants. This makes all of your attacks keep replenishing their ammunition supply.
  • The attack generator recharges the weapon systems. This makes your attacks actually do their job.
  • The defense generator controls all defense devices that you've assigned to upcoming waves. When you have no defense devices assigned (like in your first battle, where you don't have any), this generator is simply disabled.

At the beginning of a battle all generators start at 100%, just doing their job as intended. Technically, you could leave it at that and simply start attacking spiders. However, that would be a big mistake!

See, when you shoot at a generator, you charge it, which increases its output. It's only a few percent per shot, maybe just a fraction of a percent, depending on the attack you use. However, the generator stays at that level for the rest of the battle. This can make a huge difference!

The generators scale linearly, that is, for example, at 200% power your implants replenish ammunition twice as fast as they do initially. The maximum value for all generators is 1,000%. At that level their output rate has increased tenfold!

It should be obvious by now how important it is to make proper use of the generators. But what exactly is proper use? Well, that depends. There're a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • All implants fire much faster than they recharge, that is, you often run out of ammunition. A good rule of thumb therefore is to immediately start charging the power generator at the beginning of a battle. This way the payoff has plenty of time to break even with the amount you're spending on the generator. But don't forget the spiders that are already after you. You'll need some ammunition to defend yourself!
  • Don't ignore the attack generator! When your implants recharge faster than they shoot, any more power is just useless. When you die with plenty of ammunition, you know you should've spent more on the attack and less on the power generator.
  • For some attacks (like fire missile) the attack generator simply increases the fire rate. Others have a fixed fire rate, and the attack generator increases ammunition consumption instead. This is easiest seen with the decoys: at 200% attack rate each shot consumes two missiles, and the decoys created have a "x2" indicator above their health bar, meaning they shoot twice as fast and have twice as much health.
  • The effect of the defense generator depends on the defense devices used. The tooltips that are shown in your inventory document the details. Usually the devices last longer or deal more damage according to your defense generator charge.

Finding the perfect balance for the generators is quite challenging. The attacks vary in their timings and rates, so some attacks need more power while others need more fire rate. Different maps require different emphasis on attack vs. defense. Changing your strategy might require to shift the generator balance.

In short: finding the perfect balance is part of the fun!

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