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The Giant Fox Slime Gelking is tryng to take the throne of the City of Gavea. Take you guild to help defend it. Along the way, recruit 3 new guild members.

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Hey guys, new update coming to Guild Management Game Project today. This one, features not only a boss, but not one, not two, but THREE new recruitable guild members.

New Guild Members

From left to right, here's the brief resume of the characters.

Tyrone is a sniper, who fought in the war against the monsters, and lost control of his legs during one of the battles, which forced him to retire.
Kiki is Tyrone's caretaker, assigned to take care of Tyrone after he got injured and lost movement of his legs. She's also a great healer.
Benny is a peddler who travels the world looking for products to sell, and customers to sell his goods to.

All of those characters are recruitable, if you find them and do their recruitment processes.
Do notice that Tyrone and Kiki's recruitment process is not related to Benny's, so you won't unlock him simply by doing their quests.

New Boss

As people thought peaceful times would be a thing now that war is over, a new trouble surges.Gelking, the Giant Fox Slime is trying to invade Gavea and take over the throne.

The Queen of Gavea sent her royal army not only to try stopping him, but also to ask for the help of Gavea Guild Academy to post requests, seeking strong Guilds to help repel that monster.

"Get out of my way. My throne awaits me. If you don't, I will remove you myself."

To start this boss fight, visit Gavea Guild Academy Bounty Boards during Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday to get the Urgent request to face him.I still need to add more interesting loot to him, but at least managing to defeat him will give you some reward.
Do notice that, beside you're not going to be alone when facing him, you shouldn't let the npcs face the boss all by themselves.

Blacksmith Shop

A blacksmith shop has been opened in Gavea.In it, you'll be able to strengthen your weapons and armors to make them stronger.

To refine items, you will need not only the golds necessary, but also a specific material, which depends on the rarity of the item.The materials can be found throughout the world, as monster loot.
Do watch out when refining items: The higher the refine level, the higher the chance of equipment breaking when attempting refining.If you want to play it safe, you can keep refining until the chance drops from 100%, but feel free to try strengthening further if you feel confident. Just be sure that you have an extra equipment in case the one you have breaks.

Change Log

There is now a Blacksmith shop in Gavea.
=> It is located next to the Weapons Shop.
=> The Blacksmith who was in Gavea Guild Academy has moved to it.
=> She will allow you to refine items if you give her golds and the required refining material.
=> The required item will change depending on the rarity of the item.
=> Depending on rarity, the success rate when refining at higher refine grades will change.
=> Failing to refine an item will destroy the item for good.
=> Only weapons, offhand items like shields, and armors can be refined.
Added Escrima combat technique to Umbra.
=> This combat technique uses Daggers as main weapon.
Armor Pierce skill now has a chance of inflicting Bleeding debuff on foes.
Fixed again drop rate issues with the Giant Acid Doggie miniboss.
Added a new monster to Lavanda Wall.
Fixed issue where the Dog Collar wasn't being recognized as accessory.
Your character will no longer be locked in place while the attack duration time is happening. Instead, only will be locked in place while the attack animation is happening.
Provoke skill will now cause Provoked debuff on targets affected for 5 seconds.
=> Provoked debuff makes the ones affected by it, be forced to attack the one who inflicted it.
Fixed a sprite inconsistency issue that could happen with some skills and attacks that changes characters sprite position.
Effects will no longer restart when being placed again on the characters.
Removed Santa Hats from monsters, visually and also dropwise.
Magara got High Guard skill on Warrior Combat Technique.
Gavea Bounty Quests will now give 2 more Guild Experience reward.
Magara Recruitment Quests will now give:
=> First and Second quest: 3->7 Guild Exp
=> Third quest: 3->10 Guild Exp
Asphalion Recruitment Quests now give:
=> 1st and 2nd quest: 3->5 Guild Exp
=> 3rd quest: 3->7 Guild Exp
Rose Recruitment Quests now give:
=> 1st, 2nd and 4th quest: 3->5 Guild Exp
=> 3rd quest: 5->7 Guild Exp
=> 4th quest: 7->10 Guild Exp
Fixed Magara's hat placement when using her sword attack.
Headless Horseman now gives 5 Guild Experience.
Changed the lighting direction on the guild barracks, to avoid dark character sprites depending on where your character is at.
Fixed a bug where Musician's Lute were increasing... Overburden power...
Simple Copper Bracelet now empowers any buff by 60%.
Changed the sound effect for the Bash skill.
Combat Dummies now only take 1 of damage from attacks.
Night Bats from Gavea East Field are no longer aggressive.
=> They will also no longer feed off bleeding targets.
=> Their number has increased from 5 to 15.
Fixed a bug where you could sell items for their full price, instead of half their price.
Added guards to City of Gavea.
=> You can talk with them for guidance, or to know more about the town.
=> I don't know if their guidance will be really useful, since I'm as clueless as to point where's thing...
Changed how the status system of the game works, for player and monsters health, damage, defense and debuff parameters.
Tyrone and Kiki can now be recruited as guild members.
=> If you bumped into them, then you know where to find them.
Added a Urgent Mission to Gavea Guild Academy.
=> The Urgent Mission can be found at the list of bounties, at the top of the list.
=> The mission will ask you to help repel the attack of the chonky giant fox slime, Gelking.
=> You can find the mission on the bounty board during Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
=> You will only be able to do the mission once per day it's available.
=> You will not lose the chance of facing the boss again for the day, if you fail the event of facing him.
Added a Wandering Peddler to Gavea.
=> He'll only appear at a specific moon phase.
=> He's also recruitable, if you find out how.
Monsters now have different aggro factors.
=> Some monsters will change targets based on who dealt most damage to them.
=> Some monsters will get aggro based on healing value their foes receives.
=> Some monsters will get aggro if you use a debuff on them.

To download the update, get the link from this page:


The project also has a Discord server now. Beside it's still work in progress. You can at least chat in it.

Click here to get the invite.

I hope you enjoy your gameplay.

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