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Gaze At Maze is a 2D maze game developed by One-Man studio based on Sci-Fi theme. This is an indie game with more than 50 levels which has been release finally after a 1 year development.

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Gaze At Maze is a 2D maze game which has been finally released after 1 year development. This game has been improved to a great extent since the last release. All the wall and floor graphics have been changed!

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What is Gaze At Maze?

GAZE AT MAZE is a funny little maze game which is based on SCI-FI theme.This is the weird maze world with some robots and creatures having magical powers with them. A boy named Yogger, entered into the maze world where these creatures live. He faced big and terrible spider bots, dragons, commanded robots. He now starts collecting jewels and dragon balls for unlocking doors, and switching off the security system. Meanwhile, some people were captured by these creatures and they had been imprisoned for a long time. In order to rescue them, the boy initiated his journey towards the enemy territory with the sole intention of destroying the enemies and rescuing the people at any cost. But the mastermind behind all these misdeeds is still unknown.

Key Features of Gaze At Maze Game:

  • Many formidable enemies.
  • Various kinds of traps including spikes, lasers, computerized security system, and much more!
  • 54 levels to play.
  • 5 Special Levels to play with Spider Bots.
  • Collect Diamonds, dragon balls, and energy crystals.
  • 8 Lives to play with.
  • Rescue the hostages!
  • Challenging Gameplay!
  • Collect lives to survive longer!
  • More than 2 hours of Non-stop Fun!

Here is the New Game Trailer of Gaze At Maze:

Here are some screenshots which shows the changes made to this game since the last update.

1.The GUI have been changed a lot. It was very simple in ALPHA versions and in the final release, GUI has been changed.

2. Lighting Effects have been added to impart an unique effect to the looks of the game. The lighting effect has been carefully added for optimized performance.

3. There are wall dragons throwing electric balls towards the player. It's really hard to dodge while collecting the gems. In order to open the locked door the player must collect all gems at any cost to go to the next level.

Some of the objects like barrels, security computers etc. have been added to this final version with better graphics quality and screen shake effects!

Here are a few interesting animated images:

The player must avoid the movable thorns at any cost to avoid losing life. However, the player have to collect diamonds and some bonus idols to increase the overall score.

There is a defenseless enemy called Magic Eye. If player collides with Magic Eye, a new spider bot is created at the vicinity which starts attacking the player. Player must avoid enemies and collect gems at any cost.

The player have to collect Red Dragon Balls and must avoid enemy bullets and moving lasers. There are some life portals which gives life to the player for long survival.

Please note that this is the Final Version of the game, Gaze At Maze. I might release some updates in the future.

If you have any suggestions, or queries please feel free to post in comments section.

Thank you.

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