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Bug fixes, new play modes, more juicy UI, Laser weapons, accessibility, ooh my!

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This week i came back to the office, so a little slower development. However, keeping up with my "non-zero days" mantra, i kept up adding features and squashing bugs.

  • Fixed vision goggles being rendered at the top of the radial progress bar, which was making the widget a little bit awkward.
  • Made it possible to equip/use items directly by double clicking on the inventory item.
  • Made it possible to equip an item directly from the pickup screen.
  • Separated tilemaps into: Terrain, Liquids and Walls. Meaning i can have now several layers of graphics one in top of another without too much effort.
  • Enhanced the tiles, following a great tutorial by /u/michaelsinsbeck (over at reddit) on how to use bitmasks correctly for autotiling.
  • Removed automatic time passing when dashing and jumping, making awesome maneouvers in mid-air/dash possible.
  • Fixed grabs, making the grabber slower and the grabbed entity following closely the grabber. Also, the grabbed entity can change the grabber's movement.
  • Added weapon condition (Seen below on the new weapons images), every use of the weapon degrades it a bit. Getting hit in a slot where the weapon is held can also affect the weapon greatly.
  • Added sound captions, for deaf friendly "sounds".
  • Initial code refactoring to support larger tiles (still much more work to do, but lowered technical debt).
  • Restored prefab support, as the tilemap separation made previous prefabs uncompatible.
  • Added cave island removal, so there's no lingering spots inside the caves where enemies and stuff can appear unintentionally.
  • Added laser weapons: Pistol and Rifle.

laser pistol

laser rifle

  • Fixed a bug introduced in the explosion effect which made it non damaging.
  • Enhanced A LOT bsp room generation. In fact now the algorithm generates access card protected zones which need a specific access card color/level.
  • Enhanced door placement, it now almost always puts them in free zones (still couple of edge cases lingering here and there).
  • Fixed effect progress on the right side of the UI, it wasn't progressing linearly but in steps.
  • Camera shake! Seen on the gif below.
  • Added viewport offseting by the mouse cursor, so you can look further ahead now when you FOV attribute gets upgraded and do sick critical hits!.

  • Added the game mode selector, appeaser of masses, generator of discord between core believers, difficulty equalizer of the whole dungeon and selector of destiny (watching too much GoT over and over XD).

playmode selection mkv

  • Added a boxshot (you can see it in the image gallery) to the IndieDB page, prolly going to do the same on itchio and the upcoming webpage. It's just an initial "thing" i did, because not having it made me feel the game's identity was lacking.

All in all, a very productive week for GG!



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