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Sci-fi, hellbent roguelike on jupiter's moon! This week: better AI, UI QoL changes, utilitary items, drops, acid, ambient lights and sneak peek of the music

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In Ganymede Gate you're a marine deployed to a jupiter's moon base to investigate ongoing events that have trigerred a distress call from deep inside the base.

As the fifth week closes, we look back at what got added to the game.

What got added this week:

  • Enemies now hear when you shoot. Silencers and mufflers will lower the distance the sound "area" covers, but near enemies you will always get detected (silencers don't silence THAT much in real life, so the shots get heard if you're relatively close).
  • Minimap! Should add entities and such to it, but at least the player can get a feel of their surroundings with it.


  • Hover info with a query key which let's you get a description of what's below the cursor (although buggy, there's something that makes it work only on certain runs over the enemies and not on the others runs).


  • Enemies now respond to being hurt.
  • Ambient lights (although i'll rework the model to use the light tilemap, as godot's lights are too processing heavy.


  • Stat info, to let the player know what affects each stat on their abilities (untranslated placeholders for now tho).

stats better

  • With the stat info work came a lot of refactoring on the stats. Stats are now proper objects that can get added to each entity which give them the "aspect" of the stat.
  • Items which can: **affect a stat's consumed amount** on a single use (i.e. hitpoints can be restored with medikits); **affect a stat temporarily**, with an easing function determining the effect wear off (i.e. Adrenaline let's you get super agility for 30 seconds, with a sharp wear-off at the end, all configured from the editor); and items that **affect a stat permanently** (i.e. the synapse chip augments your character's agility and intelligence by 5 points each permanently).


  • Drops are working now, the player creates a "mini-crate" that holds whatever they dropped. Was gonna use the item icon, but that would probably make it noisy, gotta test it later tho.


  • Random crates on the map with random items. For now it just randomly selects items from the items folder, but later on i'll add level information, so the lower dungeon levels get better items with more probability rates.


  • Acid! (Like lava, but does less damage and over a period of longer time).


  • Map borders now block the player movement (you could go off the map and wander infinitely off-camera).

Also, i got the first sample of the to-be developed music by a great artist that goes by the name of "Hexenkraft" (check his youtube channel).

Ganymede Gate's week 3 playable alpha is up on Itch.io, with an update coming soon before year's end, download will be announced here and on itch.io.

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