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A new update brings a variety of fixes and improvements to the game. There’s also a new map released for Tannenberg.

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The latest update for Verdun contains a multitude of fixes and improvements. Some highlights include:

  • Douaumont barracks: fixed spawn in wall and getting stuck in bunk bed room
  • Argonne: removed gap in terrain between inner and outer areas
  • Fixed Flanders dugout out of bounds issue, fixed a border to include outpost
  • Redesigned 'Extreme Head Hunter' Achievement: "In a Frontlines match headshot 5 enemies in a row without dying"
  • Redesigned 'Do you even die' Achievement: "Survive a full Frontlines match without dying"
  • Health regeneration adjustments:
    • Health no longer regenerates while sprinting
    • Health regeneration is spread out over time now
    • Medium and Heavier damage require additional time to fully heal
  • Various performance optimizations
  • Verdun and Tannenberg split into two separate .exes. This will enable separate updating, and resolve some issues including achievements and voice chat when switching fronts from in-game
  • Fixed a bug where you could unbalance the game by swapping squad to the opposite faction
  • Fixed a case where you were able to join larger team when joining a game
  • Game will add new squad to opposite faction rather than revert to imbalanced team where possible
  • The Voice Commands menu can now be navigated with the keyboard numbers like before
  • We now save XP when a disconnect kicks you
  • New settings and functionality for controllers (14 changes, complete list in full changelog)

Read the full changelog on the Steam forums.

A new free map has been released for our Eastern Front WW1 shooter Tannenberg! It is set in the contested region of Eastern Europe which is now known as Ukraine. During the First World War, it was a split territory, partially owned by Imperial Russia, and partly by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


In-game this new battlefield sports distinctive wattle trenches breaking up open plains. This terrain is well suited for heavy machine guns, which enjoy good sight lines. Be careful as you advance, making the most of shell craters and other cover between trenches – or call in a smoke barrage.


We’ll see you on the battlefield!



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