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With Game Update 0.1.8 we are releasing the first mode of missions amongst a number of fixes, changes and additions! Check it out now!

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Game Update 0.1.8 - Missions and More!

It’s that time of the week when I inform you about changes we made in the game upcoming features and general news!

A lot has happened over the last week and since the last update with various changes, the inclusion of new features and upgrades to various already released site features. Let's go through them!Fixes:

  • Balance of all units was redone to be more fine-tuned and even.
  • Issue with Quick Recharge not doing recharging units with health lower than 100HP
  • Unique issue where a units health would rise exponentially every battle
  • Weapons were adjusted slightly to be more accurate.
  • Annoying JavaScript issue where on same pages the chatbox and other js features wouldn’t work has been fixed.
  • Optimisations of dB queries throughout the site to reduce server errors.
  • Reduced deep system errors people were receiving.
  • Fixed a bug where a player would be able to battle player continuously despite anti farm
  • Fixed a bug where a player could recharge without cost
  • Fixed a bug where messages wouldn't delete


  • Fleet page was changed to give less load on the server
  • Adjustments made to battle formula to correctly scale units statistics that are displayed and used.
  • Fleet page was divided into 3 sections, all players, battle fleet and battle group. The latter isn't active yet, all players lists all players in the game and the battle fleet currently lists all players with at least one unit.
  • Adjusted the quick recharge algorithm

New Features and Additions:

  • Player profiles now show the results of the last 5 matches. This will be expanded in the next big update to take you to a page detailing the statistics of the game records.
  • Additional weapons added to a number of units
  • Falcon and Sparrow have been added to the game, along with 'reward' units which can't be purchased but rather earned from completing missions.
  • Mission Battles work via an alternative system than the one used in battles. The system fixes the bug of no units on the screen, but takes longer to load.
  • Anti Farm v1.2 was added. Now preventing you from cycling through the same player until a number of battles have been played.
  • Added Game records implementation in additional areas - although they are not currently viewable they are being stored and will soon be viewable.
  • Added Missions - missions have been added to the game allowing players to offload some of their hard earned RP.
  • Prepared code for additional stores.
  • Added in passive recharge for units over time.
  • Implemented more realistic pricing and reward system.
  • Launched our Alpha trailer! Check it out now!

MissionsNow for what you are really here for - the mission system! It has just launched so here is a quick overview:There is currently only 1 type of mission available (out of 5), however the other mode, should, hopefully launch next week, but I will still talk about it. That feature is called DEPLOYMENT- you are receiving BATTLE Missions.

The first type of mission is similar to player battles that you already experience however it will be against covenant splinter troops on a variety of locales. Again death in this instance is permanent. This feature is unforgiving but ultimately more rewarding - giving player’s insane amounts of RP and energy plus rare units.

This feature will be undergoing a number of improvements over time to balance and make the battles fair.In the second type of mission - DEPLOYMENT - there is a briefing and you will be required to submit units for deployment.

The mission may require 2 ODSTs and a Warthog for completion. Once you choose which of your units to submit the mission begins and you will win or lose based off the units deployed. Loss will unfortunately mean the end of those units. They will be dead and non-recoverable, whereas success will offer up a reward, from new ready ranked units to items, RP and more.All missions will have a timer on to prevent farming and to keep them fresh, in addition some missions will be a onetime thing.However in order to keep things logical and not entirely suicidal - on Victory, units that were knocked out of action will remain alive, but just in that state - requiring a recharge, but when losing, units knocked out of action will have a 30% chance to killed, and lost forever.

To begin with the system will be quite brittle however you are in an alpha and should expect such things. Where ever possible please provide feedback so fixes can be employed fast and without fail. In addition there will be reimbursement of veteran units lost in missions.

So take them with care.

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