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Here is the article on why you must wait another month for the games release because Microsoft sucks @$$ when it comes to updating their customers software.

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Well if you keep updated with my Newground profile

Than you will know that last week I lost critical data concerning the game when my Western Digital hard drive failed epically.

Now comes some good news,
Only the Operating System doesn't work and all my files are still on that hard drive but because I'm a dumb ass and don't know how to get my bios to boot from my new drive when the old one is in, I cant salvage the files so I must pay Best Buy 195.99 to get all my data back because geek squad simply knows how to do it way better than me.

And now comes the bad part, I need 195.99 and im short on money partially because im only 14 and because I let money burn a hole in my pocket every time I get it.

Well just wait a month and I promise to release the game.


Or you could just get a friend to tell you how to do it over the phone. Its really not rocket science to change the boot order of your system.

There are other ways, too.. you could boot from a live operating system (PE-Windows or Knoppix [linux] for instance). With that you can access all your files and save them to an external drive/usb stick/burn them.

Or ... plug the hard drive into a different computer and backup your files there ;)

Good luck

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Dna|tmrocks Author

How exactly do i do this?

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I don't know where your at but I really support the indie game community and if you want you can ship me the Hard Drive and I'll back it up for you free of charge. I kinda run an amateur repair shop

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Do you know how to install you're operating system on a different hardrive? If you do just message me and I can explain from there.

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