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"We're deviating slightly from standard procedure Gordon" - That science guy from Half-Life

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Okay so I know I promised The FS, but I've decided to make my first game a little smaller, this is in very early development in Unity 5 but I have some of it planned, it won't revolve largely around story but still I don't want this game to work around a gimmick. The game is set in a university in London, where a SWAT team invade the building with the intent of death to all* you must escape, but, just as real life, you don't want to get caught. Armed with only a fire extinguisher to smash objects and the odd enemy, but what you want to do is leave with as little trace as possible and with as little objects moved. The game at launch will have 50 endings influenced by any small action, you could go brute force by killing the enemy that spotted and reported your position and then go on to "terminate" the rest of them through unconventional ways or with your fire extinguisher. You could also take a stealthy approach, sneak past guards, solve puzzles with as little moved objects as possible, destroy enemies through less conventional ways. You could be a hero, saving NPCs, you could ignore them or you could kill them, it may effect the entire game.

This game will not have an ending system like others through, the game could end early if you do take a shortcut or get caught to much you may end up with an early ending.

Anyway, this game will change a lot during development but it will be finished by then end of this year, the cartoon bright theme of the art really saves me a lot of time, I look forward to what this game will bring to the table.

-Lord C, the only guy in LCMW Codex

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