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Game Patch 03 is now available for ‘ORION: Dino Horde’. It adds and tweaks quite a few major things. Restart your Steam Client to manually start the download if you haven’t received it already.

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  1. Added: Team & Class selection audio commands.
  2. Added: Early Discovery Hat (free until 05/15/2013)
  3. Added: New Notification System.
  4. Added: New voting options: !votekick !votepop !votescramble !votedifficulty.
  5. Added: Dead Skull icon for teammates.
  6. Fixed: Gladiator Turret shaky / jerky.
  7. Fixed: Bullets coming from left of scope.
  8. Fixed: Downed Player screen text.
  9. Fixed: Store items not saving on map load / game change.
  10. Fixed: Removed required admin priveleges for store transactions.
  11. Fixed: Rare join issues resulting in an empty lobby.
  12. Fixed: Dead teammate indicators not updating.
  13. Fixed: Issue with losing friend joins/invites after map changes.
  14. Fixed: Text not showing up on Revive and Capture Point bars.
  15. Fixed: “Next wave in” displaying at wrong times.
  16. Adjusted: Weapon Damage for X-48 Tactical Carbine (increased).
  17. Adjusted: Weapon damage for TREK-22 Sniper Rifle (increased).
  18. Adjusted: Weapon damage for TREK Longshot Sniper Rifle (increased).
  19. Adjusted: Reduced movement speed of Rham flyer by 10%.
  20. Adjusted: Increased revive by hand time.
  21. Adjusted: Made Gladiator Buggy turret smoother on clients.
  22. Adjusted: Reduced Class Augmentation pricing to 2,500 CR each.
  23. Adjusted: Decreased revive by by Medic Gun time.
  24. Removed: TREK-12 Starting Shotgun from Support.
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