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Hi, I add some features and improvements: - Main menu - Space faction - Games goals - Pirates - Missions - Ship equipment unlocks.

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Hi, I add some features and improvements :
-Main menu is functional, is options to start new game, load game progress and change few graphic and sound options. Game progress is saving automatically.

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- In game is eight factions, per three on star system, also everywhere is lot of pirates. Each planet and ship on system map belong to one of faction, in system each of faction have HQ space station if this station was captured this faction in system don't longer exist. Between faction can be different relation some of them is in union and other is in war. When faction is in war their ships sometimes make battle, player can join to battle and support one of opponents.

- Player has individual relation on each of faction. Relation become better when player done missions or worse when he robber faction planets and ships. When relation is very good faction give support ships in battles and free fuel / repair. When relation is relay bad faction ship start attack player, its no option to trade.

- Goal of whole game is collect graviton molecules and put its to black hole in middle of galaxy, otherwise galaxy will be destroyed. In each of star systems is one graviton, so avatar ship must visit most of system in galaxy map. Travel was made by warp gates but each of them have security code, each of fraction have this codes but don't give their random people. Its two options to get code, be member of one of faction or destroy one of faction HQ.

- Avatar ship can play like pirates, attack weak ship or planets and take a loot, it cause lose relation but not so much like attack missions.

- Its twelve types of missions, if they are about fight in enemy faction cause lose of relation in this fraction.

- Each of ship elements in editor have now unlock level, when player get access to new system some of parts will be unlocked. Also parts unlock can be reward for done mission.

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