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We are thinking about releasing the map editor that was used to make this game so that others can make their own levels.

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Let us know if this is something you all are interested in. A full level editor where you can position the enemies where you want them, set the weapons, set the AI as you want it, build your own AI, add or replace the artwork that is in the game already. Adjust the settings for the level for things like scroll speed, damage multiplier, health, ect multipliers. This will allow you to make your own levels and share them with your friends. Full support for making your own levels and play them in the game. Speak up if there is enough interest we will put the time in to enhance the performance and usage of the editor to make it better for use.

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This game will not be released on Desura as it does not meet their quality standards. I created this game from the ground up and I did all of the work myself except for the music. I can do better with the artwork and that will take the game up a lot, but I have gotten with a very good artist lately and we are seeing the path we want to go, this game will either get a full makeover and a full polish or we will make a sequel later and really add onto the game.

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