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Project Icarus is changing engines to something more suitable and less of a headache to deal with.

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I had a difficult decision to make today, and believe me it was tough. As you know, Project Icarus was going to be based on the Unity Engine. Unity being insanely powerful and relatively easy to program in, we thought we could tackle it head on without delays. Unfortunately, we hit massive ones today.

If you guys remember, I said that I was going to have a tech demo today. Well, there wasn’t, and it’s partly because programming with Unity can be overwhelming. Especially to those who don’t fully understand it, but are still venturing into figuring it out.

So what’s the next step? The S2 Engine. Looking at this marvel I knew it would be perfect for our programmers to tackle. The S2 is primarily made for FPS’ which is perfect for what we want to do. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option for networking just yet. So that means there isn’t going to be a public pre-alpha test for you guys to be a part of unfortunately. That doesn’t mean we aren’t planning for one, we really want to do it, but this new engine doesn’t allow it. When we get word that we can implement the code accordingly, I promise you guys will be the first to know.

That just leaves August 20th. What’s going to happen when that date roles around. Well, I’m hoping to have a teaser out, and some in depth look into the game and cncept of it. Reveal some awesome expo plans that we’re deciding on, and other great things. We’ll be opening up the website icarusgame.com for you guys to jump onto the forums and read developer blogs from our very own dev team.

I apologize again to those who wanted to be a part of the pre-alpha test, but we have to do things that benefit the game first. We are definitely sure this decision will wow you in the future, just a little patience is needed.

So there you have it folks, we're using the S2 Engine now.

Hugs nd Kisses,

supragamer - - 67 comments

Trees, a house, some rock ... super empty.
We don't care about 3D engine, even Cryteck engine is useless if you can't make astonishing 3D art and complex levels, and new character classes and styles.

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LethalLens Author
LethalLens - - 10 comments

We're like 3 weeks into pre-production. I would be concerned if were a year in with nothing. You have to also realize that that video isn't ours, but a video showcasing the S2 Engine.

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Guest - - 698,874 comments

Well pre production, means :
you have produced a product finished for the client, and pre production is just testing , review all is ok.

You mean you started 3 weeks ago making your game so ?
Caus actually there is nothing to dig , we don't care about engine, but more about a stunning game (if you'll be able to reach that level)

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peterdinger - - 2 comments

Pre-Production Phase means:
The design Phase of Game Development.

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LethalLens Author
LethalLens - - 10 comments

Well for us and where I went to school, pre-Production means "the design phase". Like setting up the engine, game concept goals, as well as art goals. You know setting up the game's actual core. This also means that you're looking game breaking bugs and are still in the alpha phase.

Productions is actually working on the game with art assets and hard programming. With working on the actual game's core programming and assets.

Post production is the when the game core is done, and you're on final betas looking for bugs. You would be pretty much in the beta phase of things. Not so much as looking for game breaking bugs, but stubborn bugs that players run into every so often.

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