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We are excited to bring you a brand new update filled with exciting additions and improvements to enhance your gaming experience. Here are the latest changes.

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Greetings adventurers!

We are excited to bring you a brand new update filled with exciting additions and improvements to enhance your gaming experience. Here are the latest changes:

  1. New NPCs in Capitol: Welcome three new vendors to the bustling city of Capitol! Meet Creu, who sells fresh vegetables; Plutonia, the merchant of metals; and Burt, your go-to for high-quality meat.

  2. Bug Fixes: We've resolved a pesky bug that affected Creu's vegetable selling functionality. Now you can enjoy smooth transactions without any issues.

  3. Dream Catcher Armor: Embark on a stylish journey with the newly added armor sets. Discover the power of fire, ice, thunder, water, earth, air, light, and darkness with armors 59 to 66. Complete your collection with these awe-inspiring sets, featuring the iconic Fire Dream Catcher as armor 59, Ice Dream Catcher as armor 60, and so on.

  4. Shark's Dream-Catcher Shop: Dive into the mystical realm of dreams with Shark's Dream-Catcher Shop in Capitol. Explore an assortment of enchanting dream catchers and unlock their hidden powers.

  5. Donut Delights: Satisfy your sweet tooth with the newly introduced item 162, the delightful Donut! Visit Don Don in Capitol and exchange one dough for a scrumptious donut.

  6. Captivating Capitol BGM: Immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of Capitol with our newly composed background music. Let the melodic tunes enhance your gameplay experience.

  7. New Plugins: We've incorporated two fantastic plugins: WaitEX by Tor Damian Design and ScreenNoise by Sasuke KANNAZUKI (with thanks to Rokan). These plugins will add depth and visual appeal to your adventures.

  8. Jukebox and Makeup: Discover the stylish world of music and beauty. Gudron now offers Jukeboxes for sale, including the mesmerizing Madness Jukebox (item 163). Additionally, Pita has a variety of makeup items (item 164) to help you achieve your desired look.

  9. Slime Emperor State: Brace yourself for a slime-filled challenge! A new state, Slime Emperor, awaits brave adventurers. Test your mettle and emerge victorious to claim the prestigious Slime Emperor achievement.

  10. Forest Encounter: Venture into the North Lovendale Forest and encounter Cradilla in an exciting new event. Unveil the mysteries of the forest and enjoy the thrilling gameplay it offers.

  11. Algaria North Forest Fly Option: Enjoy greater freedom of movement with the newly added Fly Option in the Algaria North Forest. Soar the skies and explore the lush environment while accompanied by a trusty dragon companion.

  12. Bug Fixes and Improvements: We've diligently addressed various bugs and glitches, including the issue that allowed flying without a dragon in your party. Your gameplay experience will now be smoother and more enjoyable.

  13. Books of Power: Unleash your potential with the Book of Max series (items 165-172). Enhance your maximum HP, MP, attack, defense, magic attack, magic defense, agility, and luck to reach new heights of power.

  14. Gurmaz's Skill Books: Visit Gurmaz in Capitol to explore a wide selection of skill books. Expand your repertoire of abilities and become an unstoppable force.

  15. Ruined Chapel: Uncover the secrets hidden within the Ruined Chapel, a new location filled with mystery and intrigue.

  16. Angels on Earth Event: Experience a celestial encounter with the Angels on Earth event. These divine beings bestow skill points for the mastery of Light Magic. Seek out the angels in every city and harness their heavenly gifts.

  17. Ice Cube Crafting: Add a chilling touch to your crafting repertoire with the newly introduced item 173, the Ice Cube. Utilize it in your crafting endeavors to create exciting new items.

  18. Crafting System Improvements: We've made crafting more convenient by displaying item requirements before making your crafting choices. Plan your creations with ease.

  19. Cozy Inn: Take a break from your adventures and rest at the newly established Inn in Capitol. Recharge your energy and interact with fellow travelers.

  20. New Weapons: Arm yourself for battle with the addition of two formidable weapons. Introducing the Flintlock (weapon 57) and Shotgun (weapon 58), each boasting unique abilities and stunning icons.

  21. Gan Gan's Weapon Shop: Visit Gan Gan's shop in Capitol to explore a wide array of weapons. Find your perfect match and equip yourself for victory.

  22. Golden Set: Bask in the radiant splendor of the Golden Set. Discover the Golden Helmet (armor 67), Golden Plate (armor 68), Golden Shield (armor 69), and Golden Talisman (armor 70) to fortify your defenses and command attention.

  23. Aura's Armor Emporium: Step into the world of fashion and protection at Aura's Armor Emporium. Uncover a variety of exceptional armors and equip yourself in style.

  24. Capitol Enhancements: We've introduced a castle, Shuu continuation, House 1, and a Store in Capitol. Explore these new areas and uncover the secrets they hold.

  25. Human Fossil Discovery: Delve into the depths of the Capitol's basement to unearth a mysterious Human Fossil (item 174). Unravel its significance and unlock its hidden potential.

  26. Meet Hleb: Encounter a new character named Hleb. Interact with them and experience their unique storyline as we've restructured their presence in the game.

  27. Shang Castle Bug Fix: Rest assured, we've resolved the ghost people bug that plagued the Shang Castle. Now you can explore this historic landmark without any supernatural disturbances.

We hope these additions and improvements provide endless excitement and enjoyment in your epic adventures! Stay tuned for more updates, and may your journey be filled with triumph and glory!

Best regards, The Development Team

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