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Post news RSS FULLYBROKEN: WAY HOME is coming soon to Steam

The trailer and Steam page are now live. The game is set to release in Q1 2023.

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Check out the trailer for FULLYBROKEN WAY HOME


One Goal

You have only one goal, to go back home, where your wife and kids are. Are they still alive? Who knows. You haven't heard anything from them in a while. But you must go back home.

The Journey Home

But the journey home won't be easy. You wake up, after you find yourself in a lab. The journey back home won't be safe. Years have passed. Mir, a once great country, has been overflown with monsters, cannibals, bandits, abominations and your wife and kids are on the other side of the country.

Ensure your Survival

In order to ensure you will survive throughout the journey you will have to make a lot of strategic choices. When to heal or when not to heal, what perks to buy in order to maximize your chances of survival, when to fight and when not to fight, which factions to help out and where it's best to just stay out of it.

Tons of choices

Over 100 perks are available at your disposal to make your character the way you want! Knifes or shotguns? Dynamites or semi-automatics? What about burning your enemies till they die of pain? Hey I don't judge. I make it happen. For you!

Roguelike Co-op Shooter

Blast everything standing on your way. Play alone or with your friends in a local co-op supporting up to 4 players.

Narrative choices

During your journey, you will meet all kinds of people. Your choices might shape the future of Mir. You might be forced to make hard decisions sometimes, with your own life on the line.


Mir was once a great country, but now ravaged by the Great War and the civil wars that followed after it. Your survived the Great War, but you sustained a gravely injury during one of the bigger battles. After the gravely injury you were taken into the lab of Dr. Martin, where he and his other doctors played God in order to create a supersoldier, a superhuman. You were one of the few more succesfully ones. The rest, who didn't had the same luck as you? The rest now roam Mir freely wrecking havoc around the already ravaged Mir. The abominates they call them. They look less like humans and more like animals, depending on the experiments that were performed on them.
Set in the fictional country of Mir, inspired by the early 20th century, which despite its many advancements this time period brought, the people will always remember it by the wars.

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