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All Veteran players and new players signing up are about to receive FULL - PREMIUM ACCESS (for free) … Check out the specifics.

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All Veteran players and new players signing up are about to receive FULL - PREMIUM ACCESS (for free) starting May 1st and running through May 15th. Now is the time to begin spreading the word, getting our veterans back into the forums and getting new players signed up ready to go in advance so they can have as smooth of a launch as possible. PREPARE FOR BATTLE - GET THE TROOPS FORMED UP! This will be the first welcome back soldier we have done in awhile and it will be the first with the all new "Hybrid Supply" system which is restoring old school WWII Online battles where attrition and supply truly matters. Reminder: This Sunday is a Rat Chat with Xoom (details for that here). Keep reading for more details on the WBS event launching May 1st!


We will launch WBS on May 1st 2019 and running it through to May 15th 2019. You do not need to do ANYTHING except show up, whether you are a veteran or new player. Our goal is to pack the server and make the game really exciting for everyone. All you need to do is keep logging in and helping to make battles really fun.


Users must have an account to WWII Online. Sign up now at www.wwiionline.com/join.

Returning user? If you need help with getting your old account in order, let us know right away at Support.wwiionline.com.


Head over now and setup Discord voice comms at www.wwiionline.com/discord.


If you have friends who are on Steam they can also login and use the WBS event access. All users (organic and steam) will be placed on the SAME CAMPAIGN server to maximize total participation.


During this time we need to have exceptional game play opportunities available for everyone. For many it'll be their first time trying out premium and we expect things to get pretty busy. Leaders being around and available to direct players and provide attack objectives will be critical to maintaining high population levels.


The Rats need YOUR HELP to spread the word by contacting soldiers and rallying them up. Squads should be working extra at this time to reconnect with their old pals and get them formed up.

Send players to www.wwiionline.com/join to quickly create an account and download the game. Be available to help your friends through to make sure it goes smoothly. They need you to communicate with them and guide them through the initial learning curve. It is highly recommended to get them in asap for training, so when WBS turns on they can appreciate it to the fullest.

Share this image to help bolster recruitment on other websites, forums, social media pages, etc:

wbs 2019

Static images for specific distribution:

Sharing these images on other sites: Right click link, "Copy link address," then paste it where you want.

Saving these images and uploading to other sites: Left click the link, then right click and "Save image as." Then upload as needed where you'd like.

That concludes the orders - be a recruiter for WWII Online - SALUTE SOLDIER!

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