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Hello there, I'm very proud to annouce the first release of Fruit-Heroz.

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You'll be able to, hopefully, find a very stable and light version of this casual game. As a lone developer, I've been carefully crafting this game from the ground up hoping to deliver the best product I could possibly can, and I believe I have achieved just that.

There's not much change from the video you might have seen in my first article, aside from the final score and the medals awarded to you depending on your score.

The rules are very simple, you have three choices of fruit, Braddock (The Orange), MacLaine (The Lemon) and Rambo (The Apple). As soon as you're set and the game starts, you'll have to evade the objects thrown at you, among them knives, ninja stars, hammers and the restless bees.

The game right now is very challenging, actually it's one of the few bugs I have yet to correct as sometimes there's so many objects thrown at you it's basically impossible to escape all of them.

I'd also like to announce the release date for the final version of Fruit-Heroz for the end of January 2017. You'll also be able to enjoy some great music courtesy of Mojo Studio. Right now there are fully working builds for Linux, Windows and Android. MacOS and iPhone coming soon but with no release date.

Good luck staying alive... : )

Thanks for reading!

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