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Post news RSS FRONTIERS is now a co-op game!

You read that right - we passed the co-op stretch goal a few days ago - now you'll be able to explore and survive with up to 4 friends. Very exciting!

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Lots of crazy stuff going on over at the Kickstarter campaign. We're 265% funded and going strong.

The biggest news is that we reached the mutliplayer co-op goal! (Yes that is the sound of me whimpering in a corner, wondering what I've done... it'll be a lot of hard work but hopefully worth it in the end!) This promo video is sort of pointless now that we've actually made the goal but you might get a kick out of it all the same. WE DIDN'T LET THE ORBS WIN!

The second biggest news is that NPCs are no longer immobile! The original plan was to keep them in one place, which caused an understandable amount of grumbling. Now they'll wander along the paths that you create and (as of today) wander through city streets going about their business as well. In other words, they'll behave like NPCs do in most games like this. :D This doesn't affect gameplay a whole lot (apart from making guards more menacing) but it will add some flavor to the world you're exploring.

Lastly, the game's soundtrack is coming along beautifully, as evidenced by this Riverbog Theme, written by Steve Barnes. Sit back, relax and enjoy the music of a faraway land, full of hopes and dangers...

If you're interested in seeing a ton of alpha gameplay videos going over everything from path creation to magic, check out the AAD Productions youtube channel. Dozens of videos have been added over the past month.

That's all for now - thank you to everyone from IndieDB who supported this game in its infancy! You're part of what made this Kickstarter a success.

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Congrats on reaching your goal and over. I'm certainly interested in this game.

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