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Post news RSS Front Sight - Wip #5 - New controller and animations

New movement controller, animations, and weapons and many more!

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Hello everybody! After about a year, here is another post of my game, Front Sight. Front Sight is a multiplayer game I'm working on by myself. For more information about the game check the summary or the first post :)

On this post I'd like to show you the new and improved movement controller and a few other things. These include new animations for the weapons, recoil, bullet holes, weapon sway, new muzzle flash, and bullet spread while shooting. The more you shoot, the more inaccurate the weapon becomes, so spraying the weapon is usually not an option if you engage in a gunfight.

The current weapons which have new animations are the AK-47 and the Beretta M9, but I'm planning to add way more wepaons. In the video you can see everything I talked about. Enjoy and tell me your opinion :) Thanks for your time!

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