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Welcome to Suvia, the grand capital of Umbra! Frits presents a few new concepts and designs for Festival of Magic.

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I've spent the last couple of weeks visualizing and designing what a big city like this will look like. Here's a few different samples.

In the game there will only be a few contained scenes set in Suvia, but we still want to convey the feeling of being in a great metropolis, so it's important that each of these scenes have great variation and depth.

The Suvia Canals circling the city centre is a great way to commute between the different areas of interest, and lets the player enjoy the scenery while being restricted by the canal.

The Pan Umbra is Suvia's largest flying ship.

Designs for a light and a heavy Suvi soldier.


Jesus, these arts look amazing o.o.

Should turn some of these into wall-paper sizes :D.

Anyways, been following this game for a bit, it looks like it coming along great!

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Like the soldier art, the city is looking sweet too.

Can't help it I just love all the (concept)art you guys are posting

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It is wonderful! City and the ship are perfect!

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Gorgeous concepts! Can't wait to see how these translate into the game. Keep up the awesome work! :)

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