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Environments are what really set the mood of a game! Come see our new revamped Chuunin Finals arena!

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Welcome to Friday Update #71!

We know you guys enjoyed last weeks update, so much so in fact we couldn't wait to show you Updated Chuunin Finals!

Chuunin Finals Chuunin Finals
Chuunin Finals

Like Preliminary, Chuunin Finals has seen many revisions. However Chuunin is a very special map to NNK, and we feel like you'll really appreciate the care that has been put into it. We're really pushing the engine to its maximum potential and have been working hard on some behind-the-scenes features to improve how arenas look. Having said that we're already discussing methods to improve it even more for future releases!

Chuunin Finals has two separate versions. One is a Day/Morning version and the other a Dusk/Sunset version. Even though both are the same structurally a lot of work has been put into the atmosphere of both making their moods entirely different! If you're feeling a little bored of one setting switch to it's alternate and enjoy a fresh new experience while still retaining your favorite ambush spots!

One great new technique we've utilized to make our maps more alive is a process referred to as VBO. When you are looking at our arenas you can tell a few pieces of them are modeled and imported. However using VBO, over 50% of the new Chuunin Finals was modeled to its fullest detail and imported for you to run around in!

This means that you guys get all the benefits of an incredibly detailed map, but also the lag-free game play of traditional Half-life maps!

Chuunin Finals Chuunin Finals
Chuunin Finals

Tell your friends about us! Be sure to check out the Media Round Up thread for your chance to gain early access to NNK!

- The NNK Team

farcry15w00t - - 65 comments

looks amazing!

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DemonProwler - - 55 comments

I'm constantly surprised at the level of detail and effort gone into making this mod. I can't wait!

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ScorpionFaiha - - 259 comments

I still can't believe this is made by using hl1 engine , you made hl1 engine look brilliant by making this awesome mod!!

I honestly hope you guys a long healthy life for this great mod ;) heheh.

But I was hoping for it to be Naruto Shippuden.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Paradise4all - - 30 comments

wow im impressed
its not even look like hl1 anymore...
(add soft shadow if you can it will add a lot more)
great mod
i believe one of the best (and when it get out i think it will be the best)
the effort
the hard work
and the many thinking of the system play
great job you all
i salute you

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Raden - - 127 comments

Kneeling in front of your greatness.
Astounding as always.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Snow_m@n - - 224 comments

big uau!! love those trees

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MechanicalPaladin - - 585 comments

Awesome job guys! AGAIN!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MasterFlorin - - 37 comments

Great Job guys. Superb graphics and characters. It seems like the hard work is going to be repaid in a great way. If you could create Rock Lee,Neji and some other guys that would be so awesome. To really play with Shikamaru and win the chunnin exams. Nice guys, i don't know how did you do that kind of cool graphics but i have only good things for you guys. This mod could be one of the best mods on modbd.com.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DOLBYdigital - - 623 comments

Wow, very impressive as usual and it keeps getting better somehow!?
Can't wait to see all this action in motion, keep up the great work :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
hushpuppy - - 761 comments

Truly amazing, still i havent really understood why you wont make the switch to EP2, i mean you guys are really artisticly tallented ;). Are you sure your engine isnt limiting you?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
clafferty653 - - 56 comments

will you have to have hl1 source to play this with all that detail?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
arniuxx3 - - 50 comments

still i think we will not see this game it will by like the other one :(

P.S if it really going not die it will by very cool mod :)

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