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Dust those cobwebs off your old wallpaper, we got a brand new one you'll be itching to try!

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Welcome to Friday Update #57!

It's been awhile since you guys have had something for your desktop, here's a new Wallpaper!

Team 7 Splash

Time to grace your mornings with some new NNK goodness. Take it easy this week, sit back with a warm drink and admire the team you'll soon be able to beat the snot out of your friends with.

As always we're doing our best to get our project out there for you guys to play. This week we just had a return of one of our programmers who had to take a leave for his studies. We're glad to have him back and can't wait to show you what he's pumping out!

Enjoy the new wallpaper guys!

See ya next week!

- The NNK Team

Flazor - - 767 comments

I love the new wallpaper xD

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Keiha - - 29 comments

Great! I hope you're enjoying it :D

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MrCowThing - - 109 comments

Can't wait to play. Good luck to you guys!

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Keiha - - 29 comments


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Jokerme - - 1,170 comments

Update for just a wallpaper is never a good sign.

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Keiha - - 29 comments

Never a good sign? We've had 57 updates, and out of those two of them were wallpapers.

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1337-1 - - 39 comments

Did somebody say "owned"?

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Potatoefp - - 11 comments


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Raden - - 127 comments

owned. ^^

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Jokerme - - 1,170 comments

Oh, sorry. I didn't pay enough attention to that, my bad. But it is usually a bad sign anyway :P

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Zolo009 - - 4 comments

So it took a week to make wallpaper... Man just say what you are going to put in that you haven't already that way we know the progress of the mod..

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Nemesis@zombotec - - 27 comments

Still up for the Demo...
I think even when the demo is crappy, your trackers will still like you.
I think upload a little demo will make your mod more popular.
Your mod is great and we all love you so pls do it for your trackers.

Ps: sry for my bad english.

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Damaera - - 179 comments

Unfortunate. We give the fans something every week, and they bitch us out for showing a neat wallpaper. We're not obligated to show you guys something every week. We could be like NNC and not update for a year, but we're interested in our fanbase so we won't.

What's the point of this comment, you might ask? Take what you get, we've been giving you weekly updates for more than a year. Don't like an update? Deal with it. We don't want to hear you complain about an update not revealing more information or ingame screenshots.

@Zooloo: Who said it took a week to make a wallpaper? We sure didn't. You did. The wallpaper could've been made a long time ago and we decided to show it this week. As said above, take what you get and deal with an update that you don't like.

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Zolo009 - - 4 comments

Dude, its my opinion, I can think this weeks update was absolute crap Oh no, A guy said he didn't like a update and posted something Man the opinion Police. Tell yeah what I do actually look foreword to this mod if it does ever release. But again its just my thoughts don't rage just because one guy over the web types up something negative. As for my full comment I said a update could show the current progress on the mod you even said it this could of been done months ago, why not give us current info. But then again this is beating a dead horse and its like talking to a brick both ways ah well.

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OrionT - - 74 comments

I made that wallpaper, it did not take a week and we're forcing you to enjoy it cause that's all you'll get and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

I think that about sums it up.
It's like they say, shut up and absorb. It'll feel better than bitching for something you don't even deserve. We don't owe you anything.

Disrespecting us and our work is unacceptable. It did not take a week to make that wallpaper but I sure as hell put time and effort to do it.
I'll gladly take crits regarding my art, but insults is over the top.

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spellman23 - - 127 comments

Also, finals in university have probably eaten much of their time in the last few weeks. I commend them for giving info every week, but perhaps you may want to take a break on the updates to help provide more meaty updates each time.

That being said, sweet wallpaper.

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Sence - - 172 comments

some people are messed cause of this wait time lol i think its better if the people thing its dead :P so they dont lol around

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xklemzx - - 9 comments

Have ya'll thought about any expantions to shippuuden?

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