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Make sure you always look your best, even if that means disguising yourself as an enemy ninja!

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Welcome to Friday Update #49!

We've mentioned it to you guys before, but here's a little follow up on Henge no Jutsu!

Henge no Jutsu

Henge no Jutsu has been in NNK since almost day one. It's always been a fun technique to use just to mix things up. The main benefit of Henge is used in Team settings when trying to throw off a pursuer or sneak up on an enemy.

When preforming Henge, you randomly switch into one of your opponents appearances disguising yourself from them. Using this technique puts you at a great advantage in being able to surprise your enemy but also puts you at a great disadvantage offensively. While in Henge form you are unable to use any attacks or techniques. To retain your form you must only utilize your movement keys. Any attempt at attacking or setting up a Jutsu will cause you to fall back into your regular appearance.

Additionally, we didn't want players just to run around disguised all the time as it would take the focus away from the intense action. Using Henge will continually drain your chakra until you drop back into regular form. It's very important to time your Henge as close to your opponent as possible so you don't waste any more chakra than necessary. Running across a map in Henge form is inadvisable as you'll find yourself defenseless by the time you reach your foe!

Check back next week!

- The NNK Team

NightSage - - 644 comments

But if you transform right in front of someone its going to be pretty obvious that your not on their team!

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DJ-Ready - - 456 comments

So? just do it while nobody is looking.

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P4TRICK - - 526 comments

haha.. why would do it infront of your enemy ^^

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segasonicfan4life - - 51 comments

this is good for using it on a 2 on 1 battle. so the other player is far and he cant see him then you use the jutus and walk up to them and bam. its not like hes going to attack you. and also with naruto he can make shadow clone so make some and turn into the the other team mate to get away if you have to.

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