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It's been a long running for MOTY, thanks for all your support! Whats this, Spiderman in NNK?

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Welcome to Friday Update #38!

The past few weeks we've been working on some beautiful new visualsand some new game features you might spot! Followed by an interview with our freshest face Damaera!

Friday Update #38 Friday Update #38 Friday Update #38 Friday Update #38

Thanks again for all your support for MOTY. This will be our last update before Phase 2 ends, so let's get all those last minute votes in!

And this week's interview, Damaera!

Ok, so tell us about yourself?

I'm Damaera, and like many others, I live in the US.

How long have you been following Naruto and do you only read the manga, watch the anime or both?

A year or two after it started. I heard a lot about it and people began to bug me about watching the anime. So, I eventually decided to start watching it. I stopped watching it after a year, and then just recently began to watch it again. I'm currently catching up on Shippuden. As for the manga, I just recently picked that up. I'm currently up to date and I read the manga every week.

Are there any other animes you watch or mangas you read?

Yes, definitely. Madlax, Berserk, Ergo Proxy, Dragonball Z, and Code Geass. Great animes, I highly recommend them.

So how did you get into modding anyways?

I just recently got into modding, actually. After looking at Darktooth's and NNK's animations, I decided I wanted to be an animator. At first I was working in Milkshape 3d for a few weeks. After those few weeks, I decided that I wanted to move on to 3dsmax and do animations with that program. After I was decent at animating, I applied to a deceased ESF addon named Dragonball Tournament. After I did some animations and got better, I finally decided to put up an application for NNK.

And how did you end up at NNK and what exactly do you do on the team?

It all started with me wanting to animate. After getting mediocre at animating, I sent kong a message and asked him if the NNK team needs any assistance. He told me to get better, which I did, and then finally put up an application. A few weeks later, I got a message saying that my application was accepted and I'd be put on trial. Now here I am, working as an animator for the mod.

Are there any other projects you worked on in the past or that you are currently working on you would like to mention?
A mod that many of you have heard of: Earth's Special Forces.

Any last words you want to add to this before we bring this to an end?

I hope all of you enjoy the game when it's released! The community has been a big help to us, and I'd like to personally thank you all for all of the support that you've given us!

Thanks for all the support guys, we'll see you again next week!

- The NNK team


I got a question will you be including Shippuuden models and jutsus? Or just the normal Naruto ones?

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Kamasabe Author

NNK is based on the time frame between Naruto and Shippuden. So characters will have the appearance of their younger selves. But you may see a Jutsu or two from Shippuden.

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