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Naruto and the gang get to know some real ninja stars!

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Welcome to Friday Update #23!
Another week another update, lets talk about Shurikens!

Friday Update 23

I'm sure as anyone is aware, that we are including ninja weapons in our mod. Kunais, Shurikens, Smoke bombs and the like. Weapon design can be challenging, we not only balance these weapons, but find unique uses for all of them. Kunais and Shurikens used at distances are really no different in the sense that both are simply thrown at your opponent. However we felt that having two damaging projectiles just didn't make sense.

So we went over some revisions and Shurikens in NNK will not be used as a damaging weapon, but as a controlling weapon. When a player is struck by a Shuriken, they are momentarily stunned. The stun isn't long enough to actually get any meaningful hits in, but it helps to slow down an opponent or mess up jutsu seals that they may be preforming. And of course any teams out there that master the shuriken throw should be able to effectively pin down their opponent while a fellow team member casts a devastating jutsu!

Friday Update 23

Shurikens have two modes of fire. A simple left click allows the player to throw one shuriken at a time with deadly precision. However, if you feel that your aim is not up to par, or your opponent is moving too fast for you to pin them down, right clicking will send a spread of shurikens flying at your opponent. Be careful however, as your shuriken supply is limited and using the spread shot will quickly deplete your resources.

That's going to be all for now, see you guys again in seven days!

Bai bai!

- The NNK team

Silverfisk - - 1,080 comments

This is a nice idea! It's good because if they would do a small amount of damage noone would use them and if they did more damage they would be to important in battle. *Thumbs up*

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Arxae - - 718 comments

i would still suggest letting them do some damage (even if its a little)
i know naruto aint realistic but some things are just ment to be that way
i mean, shurikens are sharp, they hurt :p
and why did i satrt 3 sentences with i? >.> the i word is evil :p

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aengelius - - 37 comments

The balancing aspect seem well thought out. :)

So what happens when you "kill" your opponent, a gory fatality bloodfest? Hehe. :)

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