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Naruto gets a little sexier in this Friday Update!

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Welcome to Friday Update #20!

There's been some talk about her, and yes she is in NNK! We'd like to introduce you to Orioke No Jutsu!

Sexy No Jutsu!

One of our most anticipated Jutsu's has been Orioke No Jutsu. We've been working on her for awhile and have fun ingame displaying her "attributes". There was talk on the forums about if she would be included and what she would be capable of. I'm here to give you a little insight on how she will work.

Orioke No Jutsu is intended to be used defensively and in team work situations. Whenever you use Orioke No Jutsu, all enemies in a certain radius are momentarily stunned. Letting you get a head start running away, or setting them up for a quick attack. (But don't worry, the stun doesn't last long enough to make the victim vunerable to massive damage.)

As for the art, sorry guys, but we decided to keep her semi-clothed just to make sure our game was open to all ages.

Tune in next week for another update!

- The NNK team

FJS - - 839 comments

Nooo... why semiclothed??!?! :P

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stylacho - - 1 comments

keremos el juego para poder jugarlo.....

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FJS - - 839 comments

El mod esta en fase de desarrollo, vas a tener que ser mas paciente... De todas maneras tambiƩn necesitas un HL original registrado en Steam para poder jugar.

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DJ-Ready - - 456 comments

English please. kthnxbai

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
Headcrusher - - 878 comments

Make sure you make the male characters jaw drop and have hearts for eye's and the female characters facepalm :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MechanicalPaladin - - 585 comments

Thats just... sad :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Dejiko - - 269 comments

someone will probably make a naked skin anyway, so don't worry =P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Plinkotink - - 373 comments

Im already on it!

wtf i kid.

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