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Put your game face on, we got the facial animations to match your attacks!

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Welcome to Friday Update #56!

We've had a lot of exciting updates these past few weeks, here's another one on our Facial Animations!

Melee Face Melee Face

Progress is faster than ever and every week newer and more exciting features are being finalized and put in-game! One feature we're all really excited about are facial animations during melee battles. Now your characters face will change no matter what they are doing, from idling in a corner keeping a watchful eye or shouting out in pain when taking a fist to the chest. All of your favorite characters come to life in ways thought originally too subtle for Half-life!

Keep your eyes open for some more exciting updates coming in the next few weeks!

Melee Face

Keep checking back!

- The NNK Team

Halfmoon - - 113 comments

Excellent... :P

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Lawz - - 11 comments

really really nice mod ! it's really awesome.

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Nemesis@zombotec - - 27 comments

Dude this is awesome, but how┬┤s about a little demo?
Its great that you give us friday updates but this mod is still not finished and i want to play what im tracking for.
So pls a little demo isnt this hard to do, is it?

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Kamasabe Author
Kamasabe - - 108 comments

What we're working on right now is said demo for you guys to play. There's a lot to it and we don't want to release a half finished project and disappoint all our fans. Just be patient with every one else, you'll get your chance to play.

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xklemzx - - 9 comments

i don't know why people keep asking this question...

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1337-1 - - 39 comments

Because they think the mod looks so damned good and polished that a playable version is "Ready". In the dev's shoes, I'd be taking it as a complement to their skill :)

After all, the mod DOES look like its at a playable stage, especially considering the regularity of the updates. But like they said, we have to be patient, else we'll get a "half finished product" which might disappoint :P

Nonetheless, its looking good guys, I can't wait!

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DJ-Ready - - 456 comments

Well, obviously its not polished enough yet ;)
And naturally we're not showing all the small parts and bugs that are still in the game ... and which is exactly whats holding us back. Every time something gets fixed something new pops up that needs attention -.-

We'll manage it though ;)

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spellman23 - - 127 comments

I'm continually impressed by how much people are pushing the limits of the HL1 engine. Congrats.

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