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Today’s the day! The day we all grab our cleaning tools, suck the dirt up and sprinkle life back into the planet!

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The road to releasing the game was one filled with fun, joy and excitement. There were also challenges and hardships to overcome, but we managed and in no small part thanks to your continuous support and feedback. The game’s better thanks to you, and for that we’re really grateful!

With the full release comes new content, and there’s lots of it! We teased it in the previous updates to keep you up to speed, but this is the time we show you everything that’s new to the game.

No more stalling - here’s what’s new in the full release of Fresh Start! Enjoy!

Doubled content - 2x more maps!

Not one, not two, but five! There are 5 brand new maps for you to discover, along with lots of new creatures to meet and help! That’s a lot of dirt-cleaning and water-spraying, but let’s be honest - that’s nothing you can’t deal with. Have fun cleaning them up and bringing them back to their clean and colorful selves!

Look at those sad faces - they need your help to be happy again.



A lovely mountainside is in need of some help. Bee there or be square.



Destroyed bird houses and wild animal feeders is something we can’t ignore. And the animal traps need to go, too.




Onsen are a place of rejuvenation. It needs some deep cleaning so that the inner and outer peace can be found and restored.


4 1


It’s not just a community garden, it’s a place that allows you to reconnect with nature.

4 2



This will be the end of your journey (unless you want to revisit previous maps) - clean up the countryside vacation spot and set up everything for a deserved rest. A surprise is waiting for you here - don’t miss it! :)



Plenty of new quests

New maps mean new quests. As in the early access maps, these provide additional tasks you have to fulfill while cleaning up the environment. Each map has its own quests and each completed one nets you experience and brings you closer to fully reviving the nature. We don’t want to spoil too much here, though - we want you to find and experience the quests yourself. Happy questing!

Alps quests problems

Forest quests problems2

3 new skills

Someone watered the skill trees! Well, that’s convenient, isn’t it? Each skill tree now has its top skill available for you to unlock and use! With these, the fun of restoring the world will grow like the flowers you’ll be watering throughout your journey.

waterflash ulti1


cyklone ulti3

Water Flash - will give you power to destroy mud and water plants instantly



Cyclone - turns trash collecting into a superpower



Robot Friend - forget about going back and looking for your robots - now, they’ll always be at your disposal

New animals to save and befriend

Every map has new animals that need your attention… or at least a cuddle. Find them and help them out - they’re crucial to the well-being of the planet! They’re adorable, too, so be careful not to get swept away by their cuteness.

zwierzak paw


5 1

Upgraded UI

The UI is now upgraded and updated to be more readable, clear and overall better. You can check out the comparison below.



The way that quests show you what’s needed has changed too - now a bigger icon is shown on your screen instead of a small one in a white pop up above the interactive item.



We’ve got something for the achievement hunters, too! If you’re one of those players that like some additional challenge in the games in the form of getting achievements, there are 24 of those waiting for you to grab. Also, additional 6 are hidden and you’ll have to find them by yourself.

Full Controller support

The game now fully supports controllers, so you can grab the one that’s your favorite and play the way you prefer it.


9 languages to choose from

The game now supports new languages! Overall, there are now 9 language options to choose from. These are: English, Polish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese.

jezyki 1

Whew, that’s it. We sincerely hope you’re satisfied with the amount of new stuff in the game and that you’ll have fun playing and discovering all the new content. We put our hearts into the game to make it a fun, relaxing and satisfying experience. If we managed to do that, please remember leaving a review helps us a lot and gives us an extra boost.

Hopefully, this little world-cleaning journey around the globe will be something you enjoy. Maybe it will even put a smile on your face. If it does, that means we’ve achieved our goal :)

Have fun reviving the nature!

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Good idea. Great visuals.

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