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Create, share and destroy in a new 2D action/precision platformer tool by Copenhagen-based game studio Baby Duka. Until November 22nd 2018 everyone can join the alpha for free! Super Mario Maker meets Meat Boy with new Heroes, worlds and mechanics! Fast-paced and competitive, colorful and creative.

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1020x250 DASH IndieDB header

UPDATE 252: Delicious Polish, Rate Levels, New Shader and much more!

This week Jake has polished many parts of the game and implemented new enemy mood-system and level rating system. Leary has been setting up the server for the rating-system as well as polishing and fixing a lot of stuff.

DASH World header

The levels you run are created by the world
The levels you create are played by the world

red ruby emote twitch PREMIUM 11

Until 22nd of November 2018 everyone can join the Alpha for free

Join the Discord, send a message to our friend Botlife containing !getkey
and receive an alpha key directly in your message inbox.

tier 3 babyduka 112x112GAME UPDATES:
- New death sound
- New rating system (rate level before you skip it or when you complete it)
- Updated spikebox graphics
- New emote :bg: (bad game!) on the Discord server
- New block type in blocksets: heavy detail tiles!
- Toggle ghost on/off in Pause Menu with enter/confirm button
- You're now able to cancel the Change Hero option
- Preventing player from pressing pause and opening pause menu during end level sequence
- Enemies become furious when being head-jumped (Furios= no fear of heights, walks faster, looks angry/furious!)
- Slappers slap crates with their tongue which destroys them when furious (metal crate takes three slaps)
- Spitters spit larger loogers which destroy crates when furious! (metal crate takes three slaps)
- Metal crates now animates a shaking motion when receiving impact from bullets and loogers
- Head-jumps more precise (won't kill you as easily)
- Pause screen should now scale and fit with the game window (also windowed)
- Pause Screen now displays level title, level creator and level description
- Updated Game Settings Menu: Set shader to "Oldschool" or "Clean (off)". Oldschool being a nice rgb offset which looks like old TV smudge, new controls legend in menu
- Game now saves your settings (for example if you turn down the music in the Settings Menu and close the game it will start with the music turned down the next time you run the game)

new settings menu

new tile in town

crate slapping

shader on off

rating smaller

world titleDASH WORLD:
- Up, down and delete now in line in lists
- New rating column: 1-100 (1 = bad rating; 100 = good rating) Players rate levels (1 vote each which can be updated) from the game either during a level or when it is completed

dash world

rating on dash world

- We still have the linux controller issue to fix which is next week's top priority (if you have knowledge of Linux and controller input please contact us!)
- Large levels and long run high score still takes a significant time to compress and save

Come join the DASHers on our Discord and get an Alpha Steam Key or go wishlist on Steam !

- Jake and The DASH Team tier 3 babyduka 112x112concernedlearyDASH twitch SUPREME

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