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Post news RSS Forgotten Myths version 0.9 is now live!

We updated our user interface completely and added new features. There are also a lot of spoilers about future content and expansions!

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Recent changes in this update include:
- New User Interface
- New Player Info window in the Doma City showing a player's level, gold and emerald amounts.
- New menu interfaces and new buttons in different scenes.
- We performed significant system improvements and reduced the wait times in inventory, marketplace, leaderboards, etc.
- New Green decks and quests placeholders are in place! Stay tuned for our next update when we introduce the new faction and content!

- Deck Building: 4 new deck slots!
- Each player now has 8 deck slots available to save different decks!
- You can rename decks in your client to distinguish them easily.
- New faction icon filters: You can now filter through your cards with ease by using the faction icons.

- New Portraits: Unlock them all!
There are now 71 portraits that can be unlocked by completing quests, gaining level and rank achievements. We also have exclusive promo portraits that can be seen in the Promo Section.

- New table and battlefield graphics:
We will be bringing 6 new battlefields with the expansion! You can check them out in the Promo section.

- Card and bug fixes
- Meteor Storm no longer triggers Albiz Pit, unless in very rare circumstances where the fortification destroyed by Meteor Storm causes an attack card enchanted by Albiz Pit to die. We will be working on this issue.
- Slave Merchant ability now triggers on Phase 1 instead of Phase 3.

- Card updates
Black Tower:
- Slave Merchant now has 3 attack points and 5 health points.

Red Shield:
- Crimson Dagger now has 3 attack points.

Neutral Cards:
- Mist Efreet now costs 2 Energy.
- Coradian Spiritdancer now costs 3 Energy.


Had a few matches against lvl1, lost 2, so tried to make my own deck the game timed out as i was winning, this was in singleplayer, might be nice to make singleplayer offline playable, its good, looking forward to seeing it develop.

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