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Forgotten will different points in the game that will help reflect around the title of the game. Level editing such as lights, story and player placement are all being carefully attended. Scripting will be much better then in the beta. Also, a word of advice, pay very close to what notes tell you for they can tell locations of secrets, missions, and the story of who is involved and what their involvement is.

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A First Heads up

First of all, if you notice the date above, it is for the beta that will be released, the final product will not be fully released until around to the end of August. The beta for Forgotten will not make much sense in some areas, it is only to show what is to be expected. Such as its intense scenes and some mystery.The final product is aimed to have voice acting, good scares, intense survival areas, descent puzzles, and overall a good story. I hope you have much fun with the game, and get scared

Story to Look forward to:

The story of the game goes as follows: Your name is John and your are a retired FBI agent, and your old superior officer is now asking you to finish this one last assignment even though you have not performed any tasks for around 15 years. However, you quickly jump into the investigation when you are told that your wife has gone missing, stating that she is either the killer, or is dead along with your daughter.

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