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The team is beggining development of a vertical slice for a 2D top down adventure action game, focused on Mafia theme, with Comic Book aspects.

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Euro Toss Game Studios is beggining its first vertical slice. A 2D top down adventure action game, called Cinza Ballet.

Cinza Ballet will focus on the events happening during a war between 2 mafia families in the 1930's. The players will follow a mobster that finds out that his wife was kidnapped, due to the war occuring in that moment.


  • Comic Book Art Style - The cutscenes of Cinza Ballet will be presented as comic book pages.
  • Mafia Themed - While not present in the streets, key locations in the city will have an heavy mafia presence.
  • Life of a mobster, while looking for your loved one - Use your connections, find clues, intimidate to get what you want, shoot to reach your goal. Be a mobster.
  • Melee Attack - Alongside your weapon, that may run out of bullets, you can always trust on one melee attack. Kick ass on your way to victory.

Cinza Ballet

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