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The team is working in the creation of the main character of Ash Ballet. Francisca, a low level mafia member. Taking the decision for the design to everyone, on a voting that took place in our social medias.

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The Team has been working on elements of Ash Ballet that are eager to show you one day. In the course of the week, there was a votation across all our social medias for what design you preferred for our main character.

Francisca, a medium class women, and a low level member of one of the most powerfull mafia families in Valley City. Always having a calm job, but that would be the reason to endanger her family, and force her into a life full of violence.

Main Character Concept Mafia women

After a few days, the result was visible to everyone. Number 8 was close, but the clear winner was number 3. And wanting to ensure that the looks would fit well in the pretended art style of the game (Comic book / Vector style), there was the creation of a quick sketch of the character in vector style, as seen below.

Number 3 Francisca Number 3 Francisca Vectors

And as is possible to see, there was also made a vector sketch of Francisca's Weapon, Johnson.

Jonhson Johnson Vector

As a sneak peek, the following picture is of a initial creation of Francisca in the pretended game's art style.

Vector Legs

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